Tuesday, August 09, 2005

After a long week off (believe me it was long) I came back on air last night. What a relief. It beats doing the house work anyway!

Late N Live Top 5 things I done over my holidays (8/8/05)

5 – Snuck back into the station in the middle of the night to steal coffee and bog roll

4 – Rang RTE and thanked them for putting my tv licence money to good use

3 – Stopped wearing pants

2 – Shot a photographer at a party hosted by Britney Spears

1 – Like everyone else, Paris Hilton

At this point hes fucked off to lunch (Ed)

Right, back from lunch and what a shit lunch it was too. Well hold on, maybe shit is too strong a word. I do like to eat out (ladies take note) from time to time and today we decided to go off for a lunch. Burger didnt taste like beef to me, more like deep fried pony. Of course deep fried pony is a delicacy in some countries....isnt it? With a nice side of an army of ants and crying bloody kids, it was a wonderful dining experience. Seriously though, I can appreciate parents have to go out for lunch from time to time and bring the little carpet crawlers, but for christs sake...shut them up. Or there should be a special section for them or something. So now thats my (un)interesting tale for today.

So thats it for today kids, but now a special treat. The following may or may not be used later on in the show

I read today that Michael Jackson flew a Ferrari to Bahrain. I know a lot of you listeing think hes crazy but cmon, if the guy can fly a Ferrari out to Bahrain give him so credit. I mean howd he get the wings on?

Chances are its the funniest thing Ive written all year, so no doubt it will make an appearance!