Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last night saw our Ride For Life campaign being put on the back burner. I am confident that we dont need to be encouraging the Cork public to be concieving in the car park any more. I believe they have got the message, and the City is well on the way to coming level at the least, with the population of the county. Im not asking for any medals or anything, Im just glad we were able to help. Roll on the next Census.

The Feed Nicole Richie campaign kicked off officially this morning, as Im sure you can see with the official posters below this text. Years ago when I was younger, ok many moons ago, my mother always thought me an important message. She said that I should never inquire to friends, as to what they had for dinner. She concluded by saying it was rude. So for the last 30 years I have never once asked anyone what they ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I concede that I did ask Dave Mac on occasion what he consumed, but this was for show purposes. Today, for the first time, I asked myself "What does Nicole Richie eat for dinner?" After much deliberating and even soul searching I came up with an answer. I know most of you are saying she doesnt eat anything and you are all WRONG. Nicole Richie does eat, and like most of us, she eats the wrong things. How Ms. Richie can sit down to a big plate full of air, and think its healthy is beyond me. Yes folks, she eats. While it may be air, of varying degrees, she does eat. With my Feed Nicole Richie campaign, my aim is to ensure she eats normal food. Junk food or otherwise. Hopefully all the donations will provide Nicole with a quarter pounder with cheese as opposed to her daily canister of compressed air. The benefits of being so thin are far and few between. Ive never been at a party with Nicole Richie in attendance, but I wouldnt mind attending one in the future. Id imagine she'd be impossible to get close to due to her plethora of party tricks. Party goers would be queing up to open their bottles of beer off her hip bones. When that got boring, Nicole would bend down and revlers would simply open their beer off her shoulder blades. My FNR campaign may or may not work. Chances are it wont, but if the Goal or Trocaire people are reading this, why not drop off a box of that plumpy nut mush to Beverley Hills. The even more ironic thing is that, Nicole is American and its the first time Ive heard of a hungry yank.

Besides the posters, the FNR campaign has also an official wallpaper for your desktop. Simply click on the image, Save As and set it as your wallpaper!

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