Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The one with a moan – sort of -

Well, back to normality after a night off last night and the blog now comes back to some normality (as if you could call this blog normal) as well.

I enjoy going away, as a matter of fact I love getting away when it suits me, because at times I am quite happy to glue my ass to the couch and not move. What I do hate about going away (and I reckon this is the same for a lot of people) is coming home. And the following may not be similar to other people.

I hate coming home to

No Air Bridges
A not so great selection of ethnic restaurants
A not so great selection of bakeries
A not so great selection of shops
A poor public transport system
Zero Cherry Coke and zero cherry 7up
The whole “Era sure, that’ll do!” attitude

I can live without the air bridges and and deal with the rest and so on, but why in the name of Christ do we not have a selection of cherry flavoured beverages here (and Dr.Pepper doesn't count)?
It always amazes me. Yes Cherry Coke was for sale here in the 1700’s or something and then it disappeared. Apparently an Asian shop and Boots in the Jervis Centre, both in Dublin, stock it! As cherry craved as I am, I’m not going to drive a few hundred miles for a bottle. That said I’m toying with the idea of buying it online, but the shipping is nearly more expensive than the actual product. So I always suffer from these come home blue’s, and its true what people say, its always the small things that make the difference. Coca Cola are you listening??? Because I’m always worried, the bottles I put into my luggage will explode mid flight from pressure or something. And then I’ll be squeezing it out of t-shirts for a month! FFS