Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tonight is the night that we give away premium level tickets for the All Ireland hurling final, on Sunday. Tonight is the night that we will follow up the hundreds of comments about Clonakilty last night.

Much to the shock of some of the listeners the other night, the reasons for me taking a night off was to take the woman who puts up with me, out to dinner. Plain and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Chicken wings, prawns, burgers, noodles, pork etc.etc.etc.etc. Contrary to popular belief I do have a heart.............sometimes. Its been a mad busy few weeks, hence the lack of proper blog updates. My PPI radio award submissions are completed, so we'll see what happens. Third time lucky maybe.

My humblest apologies, as this is the last time, there will be a mundane and quite frankly rubbish blog update. It might well be worth checking back tomorrow though, for some video!!!!!!

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