Thursday, January 31, 2008

The one with...would ya and quite alot would!

The following may offend a few people, but keep in mind its all in good humour!

To follow on from last nights unlikely Irish sex symbol sex segment on the show, I shall now address some of the entries.

In at number 10, we had Willie O Dea. Now Im not sure what Willie is like in the sack, but does anybody remember Ralphie from the Sopranos. Its just with the gun and things I'd imagine many people would'nt be complaining about Willie in the sack! As a straight man, whos comfortable with his sexuality I probably wouldnt take Willie on. The Magnum PI tasher just doesnt do anything for me!

Our own Dave Mac turned up at number 7. I know Dave quite well and would reckon there would be plenty of trips to Anne Summers for a few gadgets to keep yourself entertained after the 45 second rough and tumble. Like Willie, if I jumed ship in the morning, I wouldnt take Mac on either. Its the Grizzly Adams look I think. Visions of Mac in a log cabin with only a Grizzly Bear, an Ould fart and a mule for company are what nightmares are made of!

I've turned up in the number 6 slot. What can be said.? I've had sex with myself and god dammit, its good. Nuff said!

To speed things along, I shall now concentrate on the Top 3. Bryan Dobson, Mr six one doesnt strike me as a Mr. 69. The whole point of people choosing sex symbols is that they fantisise about getting a good oul scuttling from said sex symbol. I would speculate Bryan may be a demon in the sack, but its a distinct possibilty that the whole experience might leave you a little bored. But you know what they say about news readers!!!

Brendan O Conor arrives in as the number 2 unlikely hottie. Well if there are people out there (and by all accounts there are) that fancy Brendan to give them a damn good poking, then so be it. But what drugs are you people taking? The fellow Corkonian is possibly rough and ready I'd say. Gimp outfits, sex swings and chains hanging off the ceiling may all be part of the experience. But If myself and Brendan were left stranded on a desert Island and the conversation came up, I'd take me chances swimming away. Bare in mind, I CANT swim.

So finally, that leaves number 1. So many of you voted for the man that runs the country to give you a damn good banging. I'd reckon the experience would'nt last long. But it might get going again, maybe after a cup of tea or what not. I cant imagine Bertie as a foreplay man ( I could be wrong) so get what you can while the going is good! Then again the whole thing could turn into an extreme orgy of kinky madness, thats normally reserved for solicitors and judges.

The one with unlikely IRISH sex symbols

In light of Gordon the Gopher's handler topping the UK's unlikely sex symbol list today, I decided to throw out Ireland's unlikeliest sex symbol in the later part of the show last night. What follows is the top 10.

10 - Willie O Dea

9 - Micheal Martin
8 - Dave Macardle
7 - Martin King
6 - Yours Truly
5 - Dylan Moran
4 - Daniel O Donnell
3 - Bryan Dobson
2 - Brendan O Connor
1 - Bertie

A selection of the entrants shall be discussed on here later on.