Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The one where theres a poorly named title but a few decent pics in the actual update

Last Friday night we were all taken out for a few glasses of lemonade and pork scratchings in the Crane Lane, to celebrate the hugely sucessfull JNLR results. What follows are a few pics and by all accounts, theres more to come! In fairness to Lenny, he delivers an Oscar worthy performance of "Ignoring" the goings on. I know somewhere down the line this picture will come back and haunt me, but what the hell.

"NO Dave, Your doing it wrong!!!!"

"Guess who's just got new teeth"

The station is gone Xmas mad with the whole place kitted out and we even had Santy in the house the other day for the first annual RedFM office Xmas decorating awards. Santy looked similar to Ruari above, but my eyesight isnt what it used to be. Anyway, I would want to be out of my mind to think Santy was someone else.

"No Santa, I dont want to see your red nose reindeer"
Phil gets the real feeling of Xmas
"Is me Meteor award in yer beard?"

"C'mon Santy, gis a kiss"

"All I want for Xmas Santy, is good manners"