Monday, July 25, 2005

The weekend of dog sitting and shitting is nearly over..thank god. Anyone want to clean up dog shit for a day. Im really intolerant these days. All I can hear in the background is bark, bark, bark, fuckin bark. Im a grumpy so and so.

Im up early and the monologue flows like a laxative, as does the top 5. Its a good day. For those of you that might have missed it, theres a brand new movie coming to Cork cinemas in August. Its called The Fantastic Whore. I played the trailer last night, and will more than likely lash it out again be warned. Im still reeling at how bad The Fantastic Four movie was. Roll on Wonka this weekend. I know it was promised last week but some of the newer bits for the show should hopefully, be on air this week. More than likely the first one to kick things off will be "Just Junk, or is it?" where I'll be taking a look at Ebay in the only way that I can. As well as that we have a nice little "slew" of high profilers who will hopefully be in the show this week as well. Im toying with the idea of hosting audio on the site as well. If theres enough people interested, maybe I will.

Some of you (alright, probably none of you) will remember I bought a PSP a while back. Well its being gathering dust for the last month or so. Its been dusted down over the weekend and is keeping me off the streets for a while. It might have something to do with the fact that from Wednesday, I can update the thing to go online wirelessly.

From Sunday on Im going to be on a weeks holidays and Im going to be doing absolutely nathin!