Sunday, July 10, 2005

God its Hot

Jesus too. I have no idea what the temperture is but I would reckon from my years fantasising about those weather people, its 28 outside. If not more. Been another busy week so thats my excuse for not posting here, and Im sticking to it. Just came out of the biggest water fight in my life, with the missus. She had the pressure hose (I only have one eye left) and I had the bucket and empty 2 liters. Bucket beats hose any day .So Im sitting here after a shower bloggin'...Ah yeah..........Ahem

Im about half way through Pryor convictions by Richard Pryor which is an amazing look into Richards life. We're going to be introducing some new bits to the show over the next couple of weeks. Given the amount of weird shit that I buy on Ebay, its provided some inspiration for one segment.

Fuck its still hot, nine towels and a hairdryer later. Im sweating like a big salmon here.

I was deeply saddened to hear what happened in London during the week. I covered it on the show for the first 40 minutes and it was difficult enough to do. I didnt want to over do it as the news team done some good coverage as did Philip. But I think I done an alright job of cheering people up, even if it was only for a minute or 2. Its good to laugh. These fucking gutless terrorists really need get a life. Can someone please explain the point of what happened in London or New York. The benefits to them is what exactly.

Life goes on, and it goes on stronger than ever!!