Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Week

Well we're all into the final countdown to Christmas. Do people actually give a shit about it anymore...oh you dont, OK. Its my first Xmas in the new house and its supposed to be fun, people tell me. Well there aint no dancing clowns crashing through the window. So far its a hassle to get a turkey thats not the size of a small hippo. I must admit it doesnt feel like Christmas at all at all. Then again what is Christmas supposed to feel like. Santy Claus methinks!!! and thats it. Although we bought one of the Santa Pet suits for the dog. It looks cool, but hes shitless when its on.

We're trying to nail down alot on the show for our final week before we take a few days off. Santa WILL arrive this week on the show and you dont want to miss that, and of course we will be having the second celebrity christmas throughout the week. You'll never know who might drop by.

My christmas shopping is 47% done (dont ask how I got 47%) and the only chance Im going to get to do the rest of it is Xmas eve. Great no lie in this Friday. Im planning on being in town by 9am and out of it by 11am. Most of the stores say they'll close by 5.30 / 6, but by that time some of the staff are shagging each other on the counter and are closed up. So get in there early. My plans for the Christmas day are to visit the families in the morning and be home by 11 ish and cook up the turkey and whatever else. Stuffed by 3 and constipated by 3.15. Of course the other christmas day tradition is to watch shit loads of TV. Well there is SHIT loads on alright. Nothing much. A day of Jamie Oliver on UK Food. Might be good for an hour. Hopefully he'll be cooking a turkey. Then by 7pm its time for a turkey sandwich, great!