Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finally, a few moments to spare. Its been a busy week, and last night was the icing on the cake. More on that in a mo! Firstly, as some of you may know I was in Dingle for the oul Birthday, and no better place to test out my new Digital Cam! Heres a few shots from there and from aroundthe place!
From my sink - High speed shot

Surfer at Inch

Flipper...or Fungi or something!

The new cam is savage altogether, and Im after finding my photography buzz again..well for a while :) I may even start up one of them photo blogs! Granted, since I got the camera, its done nothing but fuckin rained! Absolutely typical. There was one day it didnt rain, and that was the Saturday in Dingle! I love the place, and it was a nice suprise to be whisked off there, by Ger last weekend! Its one of the few places Ill get up early, for the breakfast. Its all self service in the Skellig and there is quite a spread! Theres probably a small bit of shame involved grabbing an extra sausage and rasher or 3, but who cares. The Aquarium has been revamped, and its really a great attraction down there lately. Anytime we're in Dingle, the Oceanworld (or whatever its called) always gets a visit. Speaking of attractions, we made it out to Fungi for a second time, well my second time, Gers third. After about 10 minutes saling out towards the Penninsula, Fungi was spotted. The woman who owned the boat, or whatever she was, was the look out. She could be heard in Cork, in a real oul Bridy accent roaring "Hes over there now, look look look, hes right long side us". She was getting louder as the tourists hadnt a clue what she was saying. Then, the dolphin decided to feck off and disappear completely. Would that make her turn the boat around, like shit it would. They drove onwards past the breakwaters and out into the Atlantic. At one stage I was waiting to see the Manhattan skyline we were so far out. The swell was fairly bad, and the boat was up and down like something out of the Perfect Storm. We didnt shit ourselves, but we came close. No sign of the little bastard out there, so they turn around (which was another almost shitting ourselves experience) and headed back. The calm waters and my nerves didnt last long, they turned around a back out into the swell! Either way, the found Fungi again, but at this stage, I was silently saying to myself "Turn this thing around". Its quite the experience, hanging over the side of a boat with a camera waiting for a dolphin to show up, and someone shouts look out for the wave! Great birthday, really enjoyed it. Too much food, too much drink and all that goes with it. We were out for dinner with people nearly every night last week.

Now back to something I mentioned earlier. One of the most important items for Cork Talks Back is a phone system. It went wallop last night in the nine hour, and Richie our Engineer was soon on the case, but we didnt get it back till after 11. It was a struggle, but people didnt seem to notice. It still annoyed the crap out of me, because the show is called Cork Talks Back, not me talking back. It was probably the worst moment we've had on the show, but its done and dusted now! Move onwards!

Anyway, thats it for now. Dont forget another chance to be in with a chance of getting an interview for the Rose of Tralee Escort gig and some more cookbooks up for grabs later on tonight!