Thursday, September 10, 2009

The one with Junior Cert night

Well another JC night in Cork, and thankfully, from what I understand it went off without any major incident. Sure there were drunk teenagers, some carried into ambulances and there seemed to be plenty "getting it on" down alleyways and the likes but no samurai swords or full scale riots this year which is a good thing, obviously.

People are all too quick to criticise the coverage saying its a disgrace and we're jumping on the bandwagon and so on. Fact of the matter is whats broadcast is a realistic representation of what is going on. Be it drunk teenagers or ones that just went out and had a good time with no drink or drugs. And hats off to the latter, which in turn as usual are the majority. Since we started JC night coverage there has been a steady decline in the madness that's gone on. Maybe coincidental, maybe directly related or maybe not. Either way if "jumping on the bandwagon" that we created, has helped teenagers to cop on and parents to be a bit more vigilant, then that's a damn good thing.

For the ones that ended up in the back of an ambulance, here's hoping it wont happen again! And for the "gentlemen" patrolling the streets of Cork last night looking for an opportunity to molest and grope people who are worse for wear, the sooner they go 6 foot under the better!!!
Anyway, well done to all JC's who done well and had a good safe night.