Friday, April 20, 2007

The one with an update...amazingly!

A combination of lack of time and laziness is my excuse, but down to business!

The Virginia Tech shootings have been making the news and will be making the news for quite some time to come. A very, very sad day and obviously lots of people over here have been touched by it. Our thoughts are with the families and friends who have been affected by this. The one thing about this tragedy that has started to get on my wick, as well as others is the people trying to get their 30 seconds of fame! Dr. Phil for one, not that he needs any more fame. Jack Thompson is another. Again, he doesn't really need any more fame. These individuals were very quick off the mark to blame videogames for the tragedy. Yet were videogames found in Cho Seung Hui's dorm, nope! Past high school tragedys have had the same instances. Its videogames! A multitude of violent incidents around the world are all attributed to videogames. Cho Seung Hui was messed up! Mental problems etc.etc. But for these "high profile" public figures to come out and try and get their pound of flesh with these inaccurate facts is ludicrous. They would be better of trying to figure out the downfall of the mental health system or why nobody ever picked the many warning signs that people seem to be jumping all over in the media. While I accept the Cho Seung Hui played Counterstrike in his earlier days, thats like saying anyone whos a drug addict played PacMan in their younger days. PacMan spent his time munching pills and for any junkees outhere, don't blame society or whatever you want, just blame PacMan.

Something else thats annoying me at the moment is the amount of bullshit newsletters smashing through the letter box every five minutes. You might think "Ah but sure thats probably the regular newsletter from the local gardening club or whatever" You would be wrong Im afraid. Its from a bunch of politicians, from all the parties, who obviously think its a great idea to try and capture a few votes. In theory it probably is, provided these newsletters come through the door week in, week out. But they dont, do they? NAH! I really wonder where their brains are located, because its certainly not in their head! Weeks to go to an election, they decide to type up any piece of shit they can manage, print it and horse it through your letterbox. Well heres my suggestion! The ones that have a regular newsletter, week in - week out, well talk to them! The ones that are just trying to capitalize on the election by firing out measly newsletters at the last minute, tell them the hounds have been released and to "F£$ Off" before their bits and bobs are shredded to a bloody pulp! Its driving me absolutely mad that these fly by knights have the audacity to think people are stupid enough to fall for this. One cheap ass newsletter! Its like the long lost family member who only shows up when they want money! That said, fair play to the politicians who do have a regular newsletter, but for the other cowboys who feel they have to get one out as well, as time is running out, get a life! Im looking forward to the ones knocking on my door in particular the ones who have dropped off their single newsletter! Im gonna be like an old hillbilly man, rifle in hand on a rockin chair! They will be runinn'! At this stage, with the state of the place in Cobh, in particular the road and a list of other things I wont start ranting on, my attitude is "Fix it now and Ill vote for ya next time"

............that feels a bit better. No coffee involved or anything! Ill leave the update with a few pieces of cheeriness....Oh yeah, belated b-day greetings to the Simpsons as well

Heres something thats proving a little bit more popular that my Vic-Cast serious