Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hey how. Hundreds of emails and texts from last night. Its been a long day and I dont have time to give the full story on here till Sunday or Monday at the latest. I have a wedding at 1.30 tomorrow and a tonne of stuff to get done on Saturday. So drop by Sunday or Monday ;)


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Late Late

Yup, a bit late today (again). Few personal things to take care of this morning. What a show last night. All I can say is if you missed it, shame on you. Tears, screaming it was amazing listening. I did feel very sorry for the girl who rang in and was reduced to tears by another caller, who said she was as common as muck and not the brightest bulb in the box among many other insults.
At times I just wanted to tell the guy go fuck himself, but the show isnt called Cork Talks Back for nothing. His whole the northside is full of scum was way out of line. Considering the woman Im going out with for the last 5 and half years is from the northside herself. But!!!! I kept the head. We have no choice but to follow it up tonight as so many people wanted to get on, but again I just didnt have the time!

My humming and hawning about getting an Xbox 360 is still on going. I know I probably will get one, but theres some mad debate going on inside me head about it for the moment!

Ill try and get another update in later, but Im off now. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some very big news coming very soon....possibly!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Finally I get around to updating. Just couldnt fit it in yesterday, or some bullshit like that! We got a pretty good response last night to finding love online with 75% of people having a good experience. Twas certainly an eye opener, or a mouse clicker! Just a quick few snippets from last night!

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard at the Asthon Kutcher and Demi Moore wedding (26/9/05)

5 – Maybe Im wrong, but isnt that Victor Barry over there, getting kicked out

4 – I know her son is getting married but will the Moore women ever just stop crying

3 – So this would make Asthon Bruces son in law would it?

2 – Mother and son married, there gonna have some freaky kids

1 – Do you Asthon take your mother

The Asthon Kutcher and Demi Moore wedding was a low quay affair and Demi was crying through out the whole ceremony. Well, what do you expect. Her eldest son was getting married

THE Progressive Democrats have gone to outer space to preach their election manifesto, with Mary Harney battling as a Jedi knight against Darth Maul Pat Rabbitte in an innovative new leaflet being distributed to third level students this week. Ya know I never pictured Mary as a Jedi Knight…but more of a Jabba the Hutt.

The newest season of American Chopper kicked off last night on Discovery, so it was +d. Came home around 1, watched one episode, Chris Rock on Leno, Corrie and I made some plain awful sandwiches. Im sure some of you will know Im a huge fan of American Chopper and find it one of the most enjoyable programs on the TV at the moment. Ive been watching it since the get go, and have never got bored with it.

I must also say well done to, to very close friends Dave and Joanne who had a bouncing baby boy this morning at around 11am. Its great news! So what else is going on, well I started hitting my latest project (which is going to hopefully be revealed very soon) yesterday with a bag of nails and pens. It took alot more time than I thought.

PPI Radio Awards (Irish Radio Oscars) are almost here. The shortlist of nominations will be announced sometime next week I would imagine and the the ceremony (!) itself will take place later on in the month. Im in 2 categories, Documentary and Spoken Word programme. Cork Talks Star Wars and Cork Talks Back. Heres hoping at least one will make the short list! Anyway, thats it. Oh yeah, Im also thinking of reintroducing the forums on the site, so keep yer eyes peeled!
Sorry, full updates later on. 2:30am, too tired...long day, yadda yadda moan moan...laters!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Tis all gone mad. I will do my very best later on to give a full update. Try back between 8 and 9pm. If not it will be after the show!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last show of the week

Last show of the week, and what a weeks it been. I was astonished at the balls of this small time coke dealer to ring up yesterday and say he didn’t get a fair go the night before. He came back on last night and used every line under the sun. It made for riveting listening. The whole thing exploded when a recovering drug addict rang in. She was in recovery for the last 4 months, and took no prisoners with the dealer. I’m sure some of you might have heard some of it on the CTB promo today!

It’s going to be a busy weekend as I have a few projects on the boil that need a lot of work over the next few days. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get out of the bed this morning and fell back to sleep with the dog, who conked out for hours!

I wouldn’t consider myself a petrol head or anything, but I do have a soft spot for certain cars, Hummers and The Ford GT 40 to name 2. Just out of curiosity I took a look at the car buyer’s guide last night and got a price of €112,000 for a second hand hummer. I’m off to pick it up at the weekend. It’s true; I’ve got enough money to buy a Hummer hubcap!

When I did manage to get out of the leaba I caught an edition of Top Gear. Low and behold they had Mr. Clarkson driving around the place in a Ford GT 40, valued at £112,000. Note the STERLING!!!!
Some day Im saying to myself, some day.
The weather is fairly feckin depressing today. The price of bread is terrible, and don’t even get me going on the cost of a bag of coal.

On a different note, I must say a big up to all at the whove been pming me and giving great feedback over the last few days. If anyones on there, my registered user name is corktalksback. That’s about it for now kids, so have a good weekend. If theres anything of note Ill be on here over the weekend, but if not…Ill be back on Monday!

What follows, is last nights liners and the Top 5! Your getting an exclusive now, as I didn’t get to use these last night. They might turn up this evening with todays, ya never know!!!

BEATLES legend Sir Paul McCartney fell down a hole while performing live on stage in the US. The music icon, who is currently on tour, was in concert at Tampa Bay when he slipped through the hole his piano was supposed to emerge from. But hes alright, luckily his better half , Heather Mills, was there to give him a leg up

THE Government has spent €100m on reports by outside consultants since 1997. Figures compiled by Fine Gael chief whip Paul Kehoe show the Coalition has spent €99.94m on 1,044 reports since coming into power in 1997. The government have said they’ll get to the bottom of this once and for all, but we’ll have to wait 3 weeks for the report to come back!

A NASAL spray could at last provide the answer to the common cold. Makers Procter & Gamble don't claim to have found a cure but believe their product can stop the cold in its tracks It will market the spray under the name of Vicks First Defence, claiming it will reduce the chance of developing a full-blown cold by up to 5pc if taken at the first sign of symptoms, even cutting symptoms themselves by up to 40pc. 5pc, still though its something not to be sneezed at

A leading Dublin children's hospital is recognising the power of humour and its patients will now be able to benefit from a prescribed dose of the giggles just like the good doctor ordered. That’s all well and good till Michael Jackson appears wearing a huge pants, giant shoes and a red nose

Late N Live Top 5 signs your after getting into a Cork Taxi (20/9/05)

5 – By the time 4 euros is up on the meter, the driver has told you his life story…twice

4 – The drivers ID photo looks like it was taken at Puck Fair in 1973

3 – By the time 8 Euros is up on the meter the driver has told you their life story a staggering 9 times and that theres no guards on the road at this time of night

2 – You ask “Is it busy tonight?”

1 – Elvis is driving the cab

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Better Late than Never

Way behind today, and getting 2 tyres for the car didnt help. Wednesdays arent one of my better days. Lots of feedback from the drug topics last night, in particular on the PROC, The Gaff and radiowaves. Also thanks for all the calls and texts. We had so much calls last night, that we've decided to continue tonight and get some more comments.

The porn also seemed to ignite, but my mother has almost disowned me because of it. Im sure she thought I led a very sheltered life :) I felt it was only fair that I spoke the truth when I was asked if I had any porn in my collection. Whats good for the listeners is good for the talk show host.

I still havent got around to watching Crash or The Hitchhikers Guide, but roll on this weekend, as for next weekend I have a bloody wedding to go to. Im just not a big fan of weddings period, maybe thats why I havent walked down the aisle yet. I hate all the fuss, and Im sure people are saying "Sure, Fuck it, dont go". I wish. Its a family wedding so I have no choice, and anyway they're a really sound couple. If I can get out of the designated driver role, it mightnt be so bad :)

The online poker continues, and Ive now won over €1000!!!!!! Not bad for a beginner. Pity its only Play money :(

I got home last night, and watched my Sky + (doesnt have the same ring as Tivoed) Karl Spain wants a woman and Gaybo. Im really happy the Karls show is doing so well, its very funny. I have to say the Gaybo series has been brilliant. Both intriguing and inspirational! Thats it for now!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Looks like some of the family have been dropping by the blog. Big up the down under crew.

Lots of people were having a go off each other (not that way, dirty fecker) on air last night, all about pornography. It made for entertaining listening, but there was very little female listener participation. Looks like the statistics were true then!

What a disaster on the way home last night. The car is leaking or was just low on coolant so I had to stop every 15 mins to let her cool down. I don my mechanic outfit this morning and fill her up with 2 litres and not a leak in far. Other than that I get home from the show early last night, around 12:55. I set up some Pitta in the toaster, and watch The Coronation Street wedding on Sky +. It keeps me interested till the Toaster pops. Corrie keeps me there till the cliff hanger NOOOOOO and then thats it. Im on the net checking email and having another round of online poker (which reminds me :) ) and hit the bed at around 3.

Thats it for now, Im not feeling very bloggy today. I need to jump in the shower and have a shave, because at this stage I look like Grizzly Adams.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Another weekend bites the dust! A quiet one for me until I decided to purchase a poker set. The remainder of the weekend was spend playing online (for Play money) and Im up a grand. If only it was real. I just played a real game and am down €5 so thats it for now. None the less, it provides me with another avenue to stop going bonkers altogether!

Nothing else going on what so ever, and to tell one the truth, one isnt really up for much blogging today. Movie wise, got to see The Bourne Supremacy (eventually) on Friday, not too jumpy though. The thing that annoyed me the most, no intro credits or anything...weird. Also took in The Longest Yard (which is available in the states on DVD) with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. As some of you may know Im a fan of these two and the movie, while it doesnt dissappoint, it doesnt go many places either. It was good to see the Bandit back on the screen though in a nice homage to the original. Where they got some of the players is beyond me, real big ass guys who looked like they could go into a zoo and eat the place out of animals!

From a show perspective, Im sure many will have noticed the changes we've been implementing over the last few weeks. Id love some feedback so mail me or post a comment!!!! Thats it for now kids. Im going off to do a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and turn empty cupboards into something delicious....possibly..............Happy Days

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Righto. Again, a really up the walls day yesterday.

Alot of the time our switchboard gets jammed up with callers, be it with whatever topic . Last night was Junior Cert night in the city and for a solid 2 hours we could get an outside line on the Cork Talks Back number. Absolutely jammers. I was really angry last night coming off air. After hearing tales of old men hawking around town, I wanted to get sick. One caller rang in to say she had witnessed a guy about 30 holding up a 15 year old with his hand up her skirt. I was boiling when I heard it, fucking assholes. Earlier on in the evening my producer and I (sounds like a film title doesnt it) went in to get some audio. Even at 8pm last night, there were some very seedy characters around.

Risteard went back into town for 11pm and at one stage he chased down a Dad who was trying to carry his son home. The Dad came on the phone to me, with his son was roaring in the background "Victor, Victor, I got ten honors Victor". The poor youngfella sounded destroyed. It was very sad to hear someone so young in that state, but again as Ive said on the show from time to time when it comes to this kinda thing, its the world we live in! Loads of other Junior Certs came on the phone live in Pana and some of them were FUBAR, completely. Then when you hear other callers on the air who went out with family or had a laugh in the well organised discos that were on, it really makes you wonder!

On a lighter note, the Tokyo Game Show is kicking off fairly soon with all the next gen consoles and shit on the go. Managed to see a sneak preview of some Xbox 360 games earlier today and I cant help feeling a bit disappointed. So we'll see. When will people ever realise when we want to see a new game, we dont give a shit about the prerendered intros and what nots, we want to see ACTUAL game footage. I have soms serious movie watching to do over the next few days...Crash, Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy, Bourne Supremacy and the Longest Yard. All arrived in the last few days as did the Jalepeno popcorn, which Im told is a serious hole burner!!! Speaking of hot things, my credit card is absoultely scalding at the moment, so roll on pay day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Well better late than never. As for the person that said Ill slide into once a month updates...cmon...those days are gone....arent they?

Bad couch related day. We bought an L shaped couch and a matching two seater about a year ago. Problem, 2 seater wrong colour. Solution "Era hang on to it till we get in the new one" Year later new couch arrives. Great. But now the new one looks slightly darker than the L shaped bastard. Could it ware and tear and some fading. I dont fuckin know and at this stage I dont care. I think the differences are non existent, but the mother in law to be will cast her opinion later on tonight. As will more people. Where is Magnum when you need him. Christ at this stage Id settle for the Dulux dog to come in and just go woof!

One of my favourite comedians on the entire planet, Gilbert Gottfried is on the show tonight, so make sure you check it out. Gilbert is one of the many comedians in the new movie, The Aristocrats! We'll also have some hot topics thats got Cork yapping as particular Ill take some calls on petrol costs. Now that I think of it, things aren’t too bad when it comes to buying petrol. To be fair though it only cost me €70 to fill up my lawnmower.

I have to announce the Pride and Predjudice screening at 7 tonight, so let it rain sweets in the Gate later on. In particular those bastards with the couch woke me up at 9.30.

Anyway, I have to go as the face needs a shave and that bolognase I had for dinner is going through my insides quicker than expected!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Hey all. Tough weekend. Extremely busy today, so no proper blogging. Apologies to all 2 readers. Hopefully Ill get in an update after the show!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Only getting around to it now, but as promised by Rip Taylor here is one of the photos he got signed by Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson, Himself and Sean William Scott. Its taking pride of place on my photo wall. He also sent another one of himself signed and thanked and one signed from Jessica as well. Well cool. From time to time people always promise these kinds of things but they never happen. So Nice wan Rip!

Im really looking forward to the movie, The Aristocrats which opens tomorrow. Ive heard a few things that its not opening tomorrow but all the web sites are saying it is. A mate who works in the cinema says its not out tommorrow, so I dont know. I should also have on (hopefully) one of my favourite comedians in the whole world over the next few tonights, who incidentally stars in The Aristocrats as well. So fingers crossed.

I couldnt believe the amount of money people were spending on their Debs outfits and accessories last night. IMO - Crazy. But thats the way of the world.
I get home last night early for a change and fire up Namco Arcade Classics on the Xbox at about 1. Happy days going back for a round of Pacman and Pole Position. 3 Hours later Ive swallowed enough pills to kill me, God Pacman is great! I have an aim to buy an original Pacman machine some day!

Sometime else I spotted on the comments on the blog, Fucking SPAM!!!! Can you believe it, people are spamming blogs these days. Christ, I get enough Viagra offers by email as it is. As of right now (yes this exact moment) there will be a word verification system on the comments. Basically you type in what you see to make sure your not some mad spammer.

Anyway, Im off for another round of pill muching before I head off to the station!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Im Back

Firstly to the regular readers of this blog (There are a few Im told) I apologise, but Im sure my web people kept you in the loop. To someone whos just discovered this, you couldnt give a shite could ya.

Where have I been, what have I been doing (I hear at least 1 person asking). Work, Work , Work. In Star Wars lingo, We're doubling our efforts on the show to make it better, period. So thats taken up alot of time lately, but its all good and hopefully you'll enjoy the show more.

So for anyone reading this, drop me an email or leave a comment on here for topics you would like to a) partake in on the show OR b) hear discussed. Again, or leave a comment on here. I cant go into any great detail about things at the moment, but I really feel in the last few weeks there has never been a better buzz about the show and our callers and texts are through the roof. Some "places" have Cork Talking, but We have Cork REALLY Talking. Its amazing the callers we got. Take last night for example, guy came on said hed use a service to "cover up" his exploits when he goes away on lads nights, from his wife. Basically he admitted to having loads of affairs and flings. The abuse the guy got from aload of lady callers was savage.

Not much else going on, except I atteneded a 30th Bday party last Saturday night and a fair few people were quite complimentary to the show. Its a nice boost now and then to get those compliments. For the remainder of that evening, which ended up in the Brog (where else), I had Uncle Jack for company among many others ;)

Karl Spain Wants A Woman hit the TV last night. Im sure many of you heard Karl on the night before (or the millions of past appearances hes had on the show) and I just got finished with my Sky +d version of it. I really enjoyed it and I wish Karl the very best. Roll on those ratings figures. Lots of feedback trickled in throughout the show as well for him, so Im really delighted for him! Someone else pointed out that meself and Karl are look like long lost brothers. Whatever :)

Dictionary Dilemma will make its first appearance on Thursday night I hope and I do belive we will have some movie star of sorts on as well. So thats it, Im going to bed.

Remember, any suggestions or comments - mail me or leave a comment on here!

Friday, September 02, 2005

We have recieved a few emails about the lack of updates, so we feel its our duty to come on here and address these emails.

John from Ballincollig wrote:
Cmere to me like, Im sick to shit of coming on here everyday and nothing from yer man on the talk show. I like the show and in particular I like this blog. Its funny to hear the words Fuck on this blog. So whats the story

Our Reply:
Thanks for the email John, but to be quite honest we know as much as you do. Please accept our apologies and keep checking back.

Susan from Carrigaline wrote:
Hi. Just wondering if I could book a spot for the Monday night Psychic on here

Our Reply:
Email your details to

Jimmy from Ballydehob wrote:
I spend most of my days wandering around the countryside doing the occasional bit of birdwatching and dogging. Im just wondering does Vic ever park up in dodgy lane ways or even partake in some dogging, ala Stan Collymore

Our Reply:
We're not sure Jimmy. To be perfectly honest, we're not sure if we should even be entertaining this email.

Helen from Dublin Hill wrote:
Is this actually Vic pretending to someone else updating this page

Our Reply:
Trust us (all 3 of us anyway) we couldnt impersonate Mr.Barry if we tried

Carmel from Rochestown wrote:
Hi, just saying I love the site and I hope the rumours arent true

Our Reply:
We're not sure what rumours your on about, but at this time, we believe that Vics involvement in the Tijuana Donkey show to be false

Ok, hope this has answered some of your questions. We will keep you posted about Mr.Barry over the weekend.

Thanks for the support - All @