Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The one with the dead dove of peace!


The one with the Alien landing

Well, this could be the day that changes the world forever......and you can nose through her blog including the letter from the aliens or whatever they sent this one. Maybe twas sent with an intergalactic carrier pigeon. Now maybe this woman is nuts, I don't know. But as many have said its quite convincing and something is ringing true about it. Well if it does come to fruition in a couple of hours, it'll beat the shit outta the budget! In fairness though, she makes a good case in the below youtube vid.

And of course, its feckin raining and cloudy. So when the world governments make the announcement, we wont be able to see the bloody flyover. Wheres Putin and his rain cloud destroying chemicals when you need him!

The one that made me laugh a lung up

This was the mystery sound that NO ONE got!!!!