Monday, June 12, 2006

Seems like Get It Off Your Chest Sunday is really taking off if last night is anything to go by. Random people ringing in with Random rants. From car insurance quotes of 11grand to 3.5 years waiting for a driving test, Cork is definitely getting things off its chest!

The World Cup has kicked off and the official team of Cork Talks Back, Argentina are off to a flying start. Predictions for the final I would think! We'll see what happens. Maybe the can wheel Maradona out if the going gets tough!

My Saturday was spent at a wonderful wedding. Granted, I nearly combusted by being in a church too long. One of the highlights of the night, was some guy falling asleep and subaequently falling off the chair all while being zonked. A few people sat him up, and he was still asleep...typical. Weird thing was, hes feet were still tapping to the music. Maybe it was a nervous twitch. The misfortunes of too much booze. Hopefully hes woken up by now! I was designated driver for the evening, which doesnt bother me anymore if truth be told. At my age, the thoughts of a shit head in the morning arent very appearling...oh the sarcasim. Anyways, Ger is driving for the next wedding. Im not a big fan of the build up to a wedding, too much fuss. Once I get there though, I enjoy the thing! We got home for about 3, and the dog hadnt been left out since 14 hours previously. I had originally planned on coming home half way through to leave him out, but I decided not to bother. I envisoned coming home to have the walls sprayed with dog shit, but in fairness the little fecker didnt do anything. I do think he made love to his blanket though.

Not much else going on, the MTV movie awards are Sky+d so Ill get around to checking them out in the next week or so! Short blog today Im afraid! Off to make something resembling a lunch!