Monday, October 08, 2007

The one with answers!

Finally, I got back on the air last night, and it felt great. I went out of my mind being out sick at home! Movies, TV and the net might sound like heaven to most of you, but nearly every day in large volumes is near madness. And when I say large volumes Im talking from the moment you crawl your sorry sick ass outta bed till the moment you crawl it back into bed, that night!

On the last post, someone made a comment (people need to make more comments!!!) regarding what do I do during the day etc.etc. So for those of you interested here ya go. For those of you not interested, Im sure Oprah is about to start on some channel somewhere.

Saturday, (the one just gone)

Due to my kidneys processing copious amounts of anti-biotic's I get up numerous times during the night/early morning and take a few leaks. Around 11am I decide I can take no more of this and promptly get up and go online checking emails and general arsing around, the same 10 sites I look at nearly every day. Thanks to iGoogle at least, this is made less painful and I save a few calories by not clicking like a mad thing. Ger gets up around 1130 and starts to get ready for a wedding fair in the Radisson SAS in Little Island. Ive made it known to the bride to be, that Im starting my wedding fair excursions next year, and not a moment sooner. A quick trip to the local shop feeds me my breakfast.

Ger's Sis arrives in her new car and whisks her off. I cough up the cash to buy them lunch and decide to make a trip out to RedFM to sort out the mountain of Halo 3 stuff thats arrived for giveaways. I get to Red just after 1 and talk shite with Eimear for 20 mins, then sort out the Halo 3 stuff, then talk more shite with Eimear and decide to get out while the going is good.

On the way home, I contemplate making a visit to Harvey Normans but by the time I decide, the exit has passed. The consumer disease inside me, is mutating and I eventually convince myself to go to Mahon Point retail park to try and find a cure for my terrible virus. 40 minutes later Im back in the car, going into Jack Lynch without spending anything. Which is good news all round. I get home, ring Ger to find out how the wedding fair has gone and have they spent my lunch money. I find out that, the father in law to be had similar ideas about lunch money so they've opted to spend his cash instead.

I leave the dogs out, pick up the mountain of destruction they've left behind and head upstairs to pick up some music from iTunes, for my gig in Marakibo later on. Ger gets home and we shoot the shit about weddings and how we wont be getting a stretch Hummer as a wedding car. We debate about getting food, and as she's already eaten, Im on my own. I cant be arsed cooking so I ring the Good Food corner and sample a house kebab thing. It comes with free delivery so I sit and wait. 30 mins later, a huge kebab arrives and I eat it like something out of planet of the apes. We chill out on the couch watching X-Factor (I know!!!!!) and some Rugby.

Im on the road to Mallow by 9ish and kick off in Marakibo at around 10. Great night is had by all and I pack up around 12.30. I call into Club Light to see Phil and get on the road home by 1255. A late night stop for a bottle of Fanta on the commons road and a long battle with heavy fog, finally sees me home for close to 2. Ger's gone to bed, half asleep and I figure out I may as well get an early night as well! A quick cuddle later (CUDDLE, people!!!!) the phone rings. Its the kebab from earlier and it says it wants to get out. So after a late night shit, its back to bed and that more or less was Saturday.

As Im on a roll with this blow by blow, I may as well talk shit about yesterday, Sunday.

I wake up, for another leak around 10am and decide to go online and check email etc.etc.etc. I then climb back into bed with the Bride to be and talk crap and we generally just laze about in bed till 1pm. We get up and I manage to cook up a fairly decent brunch which includes French Toast, Bacon and Maple Syrup. I catch up on some Sky+'d programmes and Ger decides to take the dogs out for a walk. She then, more than hints and cutting the grass. So I drag out our new lawnmower and discover shit loads of old grass stuck in the box thats really dry and grey, and if truth be told it looks like old people pubes! I do the front of the house and decide the grass in the back is too wet to cut.

We now decide, since theirs no chicken in the freezer to head out for dinner. Ger decides on the Elm tree, to which I agree. I havent been in that place in over 25 years and we arrive, get a seat and are told that the food will take 40 minutes due to the oven breaking down. We decide to leave, but the waiter informs us that some dishes are still available. We decline! Since when was steak cooked in an oven. We head to the Marlogue Inn and get fed a decent dinner. We get home and I bury myself in Kevin Smiths new book. I get to the station for around 8 and that, my friends, in Sunday!

On another note, well done to all in RedFM who got nominated in the PPI Radio Awards. Yours truly didnt get jack shit again, not that I'm bothered. I gave up being bothered about these things 2 years ago. At the end of the day, the only people who win are the listeners. And thats the most important thing. Ive looked through the categories I was entered in and to be honest, I'm absolutely amazed I didn't get shortlisted. But Im not going to go on about it, in fear of sounding like the Rovers manager over the weekend!

The Halo 3 madness continues this evening!