Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cheers and Tears

For those of you that are reading this, who atteneded the preview screening of the Island last night, I trust none of you got injured as it rained sweets again. It was a packed house and by all accounts the movie was rockin. Looks like Ill have to get along to see it during the weekend. Its also nice when people come up to you and say that they enjoy the show. I appreciate that. God only knows what they thought last night though. Dressed in a suit (no tie mind) with 400 % humidity might not have been one of brighter ideas. At least the lights were dimmed in the actual cinema itself. After an oul bit of banter, shouting and so on, I made a hasty yet sweaty exit.

I didnt get off to the best possible start on the show last night, due to a minor technical glitch which resulted in no phone system. But our loving engineer promptly sorted it out. Granted I had to drag forward some bits from later on to keep things moving. What about Vincent Foley and The Red FM Casio Cabaret Orchestra last night. I cant remember the last time I heard such such an arrousing selection of melodies. Hang on, maybe that should just be rousing!

Im heading in that bit earlier today, so Ill leave it at this. By the way, later on I will be giving away a very cool prize for the Cobh Regatta. Check!