Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Late N Live Top 5 signs you know its under a month to Christmas (29/11/04)

5 – Well what did you think it was under a month too in November, EASTER??

4 – You put your foot through the ceiling trying to find the xmas tree in the attic

3 – You look at your bank balance

2 – Theres more alcohol in your house than in the local pub

1 – Your mother is buying them damn tins of USA biscuits

Todays been a good day so far. Ive got alot written for the show, to give it that special Xmas feel. Possibility of some really BIG names (ya dont wanna take a hit from that one mate) coming on the show as well, so fingers crossed. Our monday night Psychic last night was Elizabeth Joyce. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of single people and indeed relationship people who ring in, to find out about their love life.

Im slowly starting to prepare my Xmas list...and I mean slowly. The most important thing in my house for the next few weeks will be deciding what sort of tree to get. Maybe we'd get a real one, if that damn robot would clean up the mess.

Heres yer wodden bag. Im sure these used to be called chests

From my surfing around the place, I came across a pic of Godzilla getting his star on the hollywood hall of fame. Hes looking well. Also came across a Japenese Cedar bag, made out of cedar wood (obviously enough).

Monday, November 29, 2004

Late N' Live Top 5 Updates

Late N Live Top 5 TV show warnings (22/11/04)

5 – Friends ReRuns “Chances are you’ve seen this one already.

4 – The Late Late “Warning the program you are about to watch features a cardboard host. Please do not change the channel, hes been like that for years

3 – Tubridy Tonight “If you want real guests we suggest you do not watch this program”

2 – Im a celbrity get me out of here “Warning these are not real celebritys”

1 – Coverage from the Dail “What you are about to see are not actors, but real life cowboys!

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard waiting for a taxi on Patrick street (23/11/04)

5 – The last time I waited this long for anything was to buy one of them dam tamagotchis

4 – I hope that back seat is washable love

3 – Do I get sick now or do I get sick in the taxi

2 – I could have swore I saw elvis drive by in a taxi

1 – You pull it and Ill sit on it

Late N Live Top 5 good things about being in the navy (24/11/04)

5 – Free hats

4 – If you get in a fight you just eat a can of spinach and start kickin ass

3 – Seasickness is a great way to keep off the weight

2 – When you sail out of cork harbour you can feel like the people on the Titanic

1 – Exotic Ports, Exotic Women, Exotic Rashes

Late N Live Top 5 things cork people might not have known about Thanksgiving (25/11/04)

5 – Americans have an excuse to stuff themselves stupid

4 - Its not about giving and saying thanks

3 – Do we actually care about Thanks giving

2 – Cmon, screw thanksgiving its almost the weekend anyway

1 – Theres a Turkey in the whitehouse

Well, I finally gave in and got one of them damn robots. Its already terrorised our dog, broke a glass and wet itself in the middle of the night. Im bored with the thing now and Ive been asking myself all weekend "How many DVDs could you have bought instead of a stupid robot". At least it'll look good on the shelf. Granted in about 10 minutes time Ill be terrorising the dog with it again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Im feeling kinda burned out at the moment, dont know why. I think I always get like this at this time of the year. Interviewed Ben Manilla last night, whos co-wrote a book with Dan Aykroyd called Elwoods Blues. Elwood from the Blues Brothers presents a syndicated radio show called the House of Blues Radio hour across the USA once a week and this book has the interviews unedited and uncut. Not much else going on. So there. Not in the best of moods either :( Such is life

Monday, November 22, 2004

Its been a bleary eyed weekend with the broadband let me tell ya. Got up this morning and it wouldnt work. Typical, but now its ok again after I talked nicely to it. As I have previously mentioned Dan Akroyd wont be on the show :( but they did send a signed copy of the book (Elwood Blues) and the co author is on tonight. So Im kinda happy. Cork Talks Movies kicks off tomorrow night in the ten hour, so make sure your tuned for that. Not much else going on really except my new vice is them damn stupid flash games. Broadband makes them a joy to use. Or I was able to see some clips of a fantastic interview with Jim Carrey on www.cbsnews.com Truly its a great experience, the ol broadband. My dads brother turned up on the forum last night so it was great to hear from him.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Late N’ Live Top 5 things I learned with my new broadband connection

5 – In my opinion, it’s faster than sex

4 – That google page loads at the same speed

3 – The Internet is not full of pornography…Oh who am I kidding

2 – Paris Hilton does actually answer the phone in her “film”

1 – I haven’t learned to turn it off

Theres the Top 5 earlier than the show. Other than that its been a week of broadband. I did manage to get myself to The Incredibles as well, great flick. Till tomorrow.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Well...my broadband arrvied around 12 this morning. The nice post lady most have got a heart attack when I arrived at the front door in my jocks. Tis great, finally half decent surfing speeds.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Morning all, afternoon even. 5am I crawled into bed this morning, too much late night TV. Sometimes it can be difficult to wind down after the show, some nights more than others. Simply due to an ol adrenaline buzz, and your ability to watch absoulte shite on the tv is certainly an impressive feat. Still no broadband, just as well as Ill get even less sleep then.

Colin Devlin (from the Devlins) was on the show last night among others and I have to say that their song for Bulmers is etched into my brain like a bust etch a sketch. Declan O Rourke was also in and around the station last night, he was on the show last week. Seriously talented guy and a sound bloke as well.

My cold still hasnt cleared up, it seems to be getting better but its very annoying. Whatever about the dribbling snot its the lack of taste I cant stand. In a bizarre turn of events in my web surfing I came across a calendar thats out in 2005. I think the pic says its all

Late N Live Top 5 signs your playing to many video games (17/11/04)

5 – You have a selection of fake IDS to buy the over 18s titles

4 – Your excuse for swallowing pills is “Pacman does it”

3 – You’ve got permanent joypad rash

2 – Everytime you fight or crash the car you check to see how many lives you’ve got left

1 – You’ve robbed a copy of the new Grand Theft Auto game

Anyways Halo2 is calling me. Laters

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

People have been talking about my fridge. Well heres a shot of it just before the house warming. First time it really looked full!
Well my fridge isnt as full as the pic but my nose is full of snot. Sorry to be so rude. My nose has been running on and off since 1am this morning. At times it seems to be getting worse. Ive taken the usual dose of tablets, but they never work with me. So Im suffering on. When your dying its quite difficult to pull off a show, and to be honest I struggled at times tonight. Between the snot and feeling like absolute shit I need a medal. One with chocolate in it. Much disappointment was had this though after we got news that Dan Aykroyd will NOT be doing the show. Things may change yet but its not looking good right now. Dan has a new book out called Elwood Blues but we will have the co-writer on. Im a huge Blues fan as well as an even bigger Dan Akroyd fan. Ive got a fair few old Blues Brothers pieces of memorabalia too. So we'll see what happens.

Later on today could be a very interesting day, cant say why but it could be. More will be revealed in due course.....possibly

Late N Live Top 5 Top 5 signs you’ve bought a bootleg version of Bad Santa (16/11/04)

5 – Its rated X as a matter of fact theres 3 capital Xs on the box

4 – Movie ends after 3 minutes

3 – DVD player displays a notice on the TV, I aint gonna play straight for a week

2 – Kids start crying and say you killed Santa

1 – Billy Bob Thornton explodes when he stops running under 50 miles an hour

My Halo 2 campaign is going well, although its gonna be Thursday before I play it again, if Im lucky. Friday morning is going to be spent reviewing the Incredibles. Im a huge Pixar fan and this one looks to be their best yet. Fair play to ye like! Gotta get to bed, so later on like :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Man Im not feeling the best today, late last night my nose started running. Im battling it off at the moment so if Im not on the air tonight Im dead. Speaking of dead did you know that today in 1989 David Letterman bate up the energizer bunny with a baseball bat. No sign of my broadband yet, maybe tomorrow. Anyways just dropping in, nothing else of interest to say.
Now and again we find a different Psychic and tonight we tried out a new one called Betsy, forgive me its late but I forgot her last name. Monday night psychic is one of the most popular features on the show and we never have enough time for every body. Not a bad start for a newbie psychic bar the "Thank you spirit", but it floats the boat. Every psychic that has ever been on the show have all said, "Vic your going to tv". Even a certain white witch has told my g/f the same thing.

Late N Live Top 5 reasons you know the weekend is over (15/11/04)

5 – Ahhhhhh….its Monday

4 – Picture of the bosses ass stuck in the photocopier at work

3 – The girl you picked up on Saturday night has finally moved out..with half your stuff

2 – Your taking a trip to the STi clinic

1 – You ring in sick with a “headache”

Cork Talks Movies is a new segment which got its first mention this evening on the show. Basically we send 2 listeners off to review a movie free of charge and they come into the show the following week. I will also have seen the movie as other listeners as well. Then we have an ol chat about the whole thing. We'll see how it works. First Cork Talks Movies Movie will be The Incredibles. Check it from next Tuesday. If you interested in a movie review email me today at

Im still waiting on my broadband connection which im assured should arrive soon enough. Its been processed....apparently. God help me when it arrives.
Ive been lashing into Halo 2 and Im making a dent in it, so no doubt more early morning playing with it....the game that is.
No doubt Ill pop back here later on, in the afternoon so you stay classy san diego..........or wherever you are.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Believe it or not I actually got my other producer Vince to do this on air one night. Its not Vince in the photo, but its an impressive feat none the less
Today is Monday, or in my case its my Tuesday. Ive been woken up early this morning by one the neighbours kids running up and down my drive. Anyone remember that episode of the Osbournes where ozzy through a ham through the neighbours window. Well........

My top 5 is done and most of the monologues so its a good start to the afternoon to say the least. Its amazing we're in the house since the middle of july and the amount of junk mail that arrives on a daily basis never fails to impress me. Between an inbox full of increase your size and a mailbox full of lose a dress size isnt life wonderful. Cork talks movies could be coming very soon to the show, so keep an ear tuned. Just finished my proposal, or rather rewrote it. Should be good. Not much else going on, the dog is in bed or maybe stuck in the couch in the front room....Im not entirely sure.

As its Monday, heres a treat

ZOO visitors watched in horror as a man leapt into a pond full of alligators, stripped off — then tried to stroke the animals. I thought steve Irwin was off the booze

Might turn up in the show tonight, you never know.

I can hear Halo 2 calling me so I better be going. That kid is out on my drive again...now where'd I put that ham
Home at last. Well been home for about an hour now and decided to drop by. I was watching DC 9/11 and gave up on it. It didnt seem very accurate and left out intricate details. Maybe Id be better off playing Halo 2.

Got to update my other site right now so drop by there as well

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Righto, 55 minutes to show time. For the first time, you can get the Top 5 BEFORE it goes to air and 11.10.

Late N' Live Top 5 things overheard in my house when I was cooking over the weekend (14/11/04)

5 - Hey! The thing on my plate has still got a pulse!

4 - Man this kitchen is as hot as the Kingsley!

3 - So....how'd I start the microwave again?

2 - I know its an electric cooker but I can smell gas!

1 - Ya think the KFC up the road is still open?

So there ya have. Of course this is liable to change in the next 2 hours, but for the best part........shes done. Just remembered I have 2 movies sitting at home to watch, Godsend and Secret Window. More than likely they'll go on the shelf.
Well tis just gone one on a sunday. Im sure most of you are just in the door from mass. As for me, well Im kinda suffering from a mild case of eat too much and drank not enough last night. A couple of friends were over and I wore me Jamie Oliver hat (along with matching apron) and cooked up a mean batch of chilli. Not forgetting my famous fresh passion fruit sorbet and my ciabatta loaf grilled with vics special sauce, mozzerlla and bacon. Someday soon Ill put up them ol recpiepes for you all to enjoy. Adult supervision is required though.

Being a Sunday, today is show day. Its funny, my Friday is most peoples Saturday and so on. So in a couple of hours Ill be making my way out to the station and trying ever so hard to come up with a top 5, amongst other things.

So enjoy your Sunday, talk to you tomorrow.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Finally crawled out of bed. Does anyone ever notice the longer you stay in bed the shittier you feel. All I know now is I have to bring the washing in off the line and settle down in front of Halo 2. Eircom people have rung saying my broadband is being processed so after 7 years of dial up Im finally going to have a decent connection.

Im starting to think about Xmas stuff already, but take alook at http://www.jonessoda.com Gotta love that turkey and gravy flavour. I might check back later.
Its amazing the trends in the internet. Im not sure how long this whole blog thing has been around, but I seems to be all the craze recently. My attention was first drawn to blogging by me ol mucker Des Bishop.

So its nearly 15 minutes to 3 in the morning, you'd think Id have far better things to be doing. Like what you say, maybe watching the Cosby show on Paramount. In between furious flicking between the babecast things of this world. If I was still living with my parents, no doubt me good ol mother would be roaring at me to go to bed. Well since Ive moved into the new house things have been flying....like. I finally got my dream of a dedicated Cinema in my house, my american style fridge freezer and an office. In fairness, my partner has alot to put up with.

I enjoyed the show tonight, in particular ringing some BBQ joint in Alabama and using Cork Slang to communicate. Needless to say the alabamians thought it was some fella speaking Spanish. As most of the older folks would say "Ahh sure God Love em"

On my old site I used to update the Late N' Live Top 5. From now on in you can get that here.

Late N Live Top 5 signs your partner is having an affair on the computer (11/11/04)

5 – Lipstick on the mouse

4 – The thing that’s stuck in your printer is a pair of boxer shorts

3 – You stick to the keyboard

2 – Monitor is fogged up every morning

1 – More pop ups than usual

Theres a copy of Halo 2 sitting in my Xbox since this afternoon. Honestly, Im not too impressed. I might put in a good session of it tomorrow. Finding Neverland is also calling me to go to the flicks. Ive a tough life. Ahhhhhh sure God love ya

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