Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The one with Terminator Salvation : The Poster

This is well cool!

The one with €2 Snacks

We all say we read the bill, but do we really??????? Im as guilty as the next person for not reading the thing completely. Yesterday the nephew whos coming up on 3 months called over. Mammy and Aunty went for a walk with himself and left me guarding the house. 20 minutes later my mobile goes and they're gone off for coffee and are wondering would I like to join them. "Sure thing" says I. "Bring the changing bag" says them. So 5 minutes later we make the decision to get dinner as well as the coffees. Im under a bit of pressure, so opt to leave and take care of the bill in the process.

So I hand over the plastic, which for the 3rd time this year, is actually in credit. Im staring at the bill as the fella behind the bar works his magic on the machine that counts the money. Including the food, the whole bill is €50.20. Then I spot 3 blue snacks, €6. After a long pause, I figure out that Im paying €2 for a fuckin tiny chocolate bar. I point this out to the "individual" and he stares at the bill, gets the other copy of the bill and finally says "Oh they're priced wrong on the till, Ill sort that out". Then he hands me back €2. I put the €2 into my pocket along with a €5 tip. I hate this cowboy attitude, where people chance their arm as long as they can get away with it. Or maybe Im wrong and there was a genuine mistake on the till. Maybe the snacks should have been 20cent and opposed to €2. Yeah, that was it. Someone missed a decimal point! Bastards!

The one with Snoop making Mash

I love them Kitchen Aid yokes and someday I'll give in and actually part with the moolah for one. It'll make my "once every few weeks baking tasks easier ". Or maybe I can just make mashed spuds. Either way, its good enough for Snoop!