Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The one with, well its Xmas week afterall

Not a great deal of time on me hands today, but live Hypnosis with Paul Dee on the air tonight, Joe Rooney (who spills his guts on the Kilinaskully Xmas day special, bit of an exclusive) and tonnes of giveaways to boot. Xmas week on Cork Talks Back is nearly done, so make sure you dont miss a single bit of it. Still to come, the Battle of the RedFM staff.

Also, congratulations to Jerry Buttimer (FG) for winning the first Battle of the Local Politicians. He overcame insurmountable odds against Terry Shannon (FF) Chris O Leary (GP) and Jonathan O Brien (SF). Jerry managed to get the highest score in our quiz, written exclusively by Inquizition authour, Mark Evans. All in the confines of a 4x2 cubicle in the jacks of Leinster House!

We hope to podcast the above pretty soon, so make sure you subscribe to the feed on iTunes.

The traditional best of the year, from yours truly will make an appearance by Xmas Eve. That is all till tomorrow. Loadsa photos from the Hypnosis will be available later on to boot. In the meantime, Im off to think about buying more Xmas presents!