Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The one with “U2” in Cork

Heres the pics in case you missed em

 43 1 (1) 6 2 8 7

The one with Lady GaGa

Pics from Macs blog


The one with me joining RTE

Its hard to believe, and this wasnt to be made public, but since it has and my phone hasnt stopped ringing, I may as well put the link up here Cheers to the blog that held onto it. Its now being pulled from the RTE website. I didnt know anything was being announced today, but shit happens I suppose. Such is the joy of the national media I guess.

Not sure how I'll handle the commute to Dublin, but will post more thoughts on this throughout the next few days.

The one with James Corden

Possibly the worst picture ever taken with a shitty cam phone but anyway, coming soon to the Late Night Interview. James came in last night to pre-record. Nice guy, very funny!