Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th Of July to any of you that are celebrating Independence Day today. No doubt they'll be many a Guinness sank tonight to all the biys and beours that are in the U S of A. More power to em. I was even thinking of busting out the BBQs, but to be honest Ive started today, with a new look on life. Kind of. Im on a little old health kick that involves no more shit food (almost) and a workout every day. Ill see how it goes for the next few weeks. Its time to look after meself cos no doubt some night on air, my heart will just go wallop and Ill hit the floor. Granted it would make great radio.

"TALK SHOW HOST DIES ON AIR" I can see the headlines already. Thats about it for now. Sorry.........I guess its those Monday blues