Saturday, July 26, 2008

The one with The Dark Knight redux

Went to see the Dark Knight for the second time last night. Firstly; the last time I saw a queue as long as the one I saw last night, was back in 1989. The Capitol Cineplex on the Grand Parade was reopening, and Tim Burton's Batman was the first movie to be shown there. The queue snaked around onto Patrick Street. Last night was pretty similar, for the late showing in Mahon Point.

So is it better second time round. To me, it is. But I ran out of steam by the end. I was absolutely knackered tired. Originally, as previously mentioned, I got sucked into the hype machine and couldn't absorb as much as I wanted. Second time round, I soaked the thing up like a big sponge. Ledgers performance gave me chills and shivers on more than one occasion. As a whole, I was able to appreciate Christopher Nolan's masterpiece a little bit more.

Up to a particular point in the Dark Knight, people were laughing along at the Jokers lunacy. After this particular point which I wont mention (spoilers and all that), the whole place was absolutely silent. No longer were there little laughs. No longer were there little giggles. It was pure "This fecker is absolutely out of his freakin mind"

Now that the hype, for me, is over. Whats wrong with the movie? Not a great deal really. By the time you finish watching the movie, you'll realise that everybody was banking on Heath Ledger to be around for another stint as the greatest villian ever portrayed on screen.

My original, hype induced 11/10, does that still stand? No. If I have to be honest, it doesn't still stand.

But 10/10 does!!!!!