Friday, August 11, 2006

Simple Really!

There is little or no point in my going into a big long winded rant about last nights show. For anyone with half a brain, actually a quarter of a brain...hang on a duracell battery in your skull acting as a brain, you will know that condoms save lives and stop the risk of contracting a selection of STIS. Anybody that thinks different needs to be seen to by a group of men in white coats, driving a Ford Transit van.

Wearing Condoms = No dick falling off incidents or unwanted carpet crawlers.

Not Wearing Condoms = Dick exploding and lots of ankle biters.

As any of the condom makers will explain, no contraception is 100% fool proof, but as a text read last night, wearing a condom is like wearing a seatbelt! Its good practice!!!!! Im in no way qualified to lecture teenage listeners on the show, and Im no genuis, but for christs sake use a condom. Teenagers need to be armed up with the knowledge, and its the schools are falling flat on their big holes by not providing an adequate sex awareness class! And alot of parents cant seem to handle the fact of their kids might well be out doing the deed, with no knowledge. Then when they get pregnant, all hell breaks loose. Why, are the parents pissed at their daughter for getting up the duff, or pissed off that they were too shy to explain the ins and outs of sex and what a condom is for! Case closed, and I promised I wouldnt rant!

Anyway thats it for me, Im off to the SlamExpo tomorrow so check out the blog and the photo blog Sunday or late Saturday night for some pics!

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Anonymous said...

Tell us how you really feel vic!!!Totaly agree with ya,teach them all about sex and eveything that goes with it,then its up to the people themselfs to use it.To Rodgers defence he must of caught his stupidity from all those times he never wore a condom.He himself is a good advertisment on why you should use condoms!!!!.