Monday, April 24, 2006

As the usual Monday blog goes, another weekend bits the dust! I picked up a handy bargain (as far as I can tell) on Saturday, namely The Pink Panther collection on DVD for €40 in Golden Discs. Ive seen all the movies when I was alot younger and havent seen them since! Put on one on Saturday night and promptly fell asleep! Friday night was spent at a 30th B day party. Speaking of 30th B- days, my own one is coming up in a few weeks!

For anyone that uses bebo, please be aware that the user VicTheBrick is not me, in any way shape or form. We had a similar instance before, when someone had set up a page about Martina! An appreciate page is sound like, but a page that pretends to be me isnt cool. For anyone thats recieved any messages from that user, please discard them! My "Official Bebo page" can be found here

Other than that, theres nada going on. The Moday night Psychic is back tonight amidst the usual bedlam. Make sure you tune in from 9pm!