Thursday, January 10, 2008

The one with vidya's

For those wondering, vidya's is Corkonian for VIDEOS. First off we have some of our bravest in this

The majority of people who rang and text the show last night have no problem with the above video. But as one of the Commandants's from Collins Barracks said, they have broken military law, as communication is strictly limited with the public. Personally, in my own humble opinion, I dont see anything wrong with it. In fact, I got a laugh out of it and thought it was very well done. As an individual who pays tax, it doesnt bother me either. These brave men and women are going to places that your average joe soap wouldnt even have a nightmare about, and if they spend some downtime producing up the BeeGees then thats fine by me. The only issue I really have with it, is...the fecking BeeGees. Lads c'mon. Some other people took exception to the "At least I hope Im talking to the people of Cork" comment. At the time, there was little point in making issue of it, as it would have detracted from the debate at hand and was completely irrelevant. But rest assured, unless the commenter was looking out a window and seeing Grafton St, he was talking to the thousands and thousands of (cue George Dubya word) folks...who listen on a nightly basis. Either way, Military law was ways around that!

Second vidya would be around here, but if truth be told Im after completely forgetting what I was going to put up. Christ, life is so difficult.

On another note, has anybody being watching Chicken Run on Channel 4 over the last few nights? Fascinating program and fairplay to Hugh FW for getting involved. I've always been a Free Range buyer, but on occasion there has been one of the cheap chickens magically appear in the freezer!

Chicken Out! Campaign Sign-up

Anyway, thats my bit for today! For those of you waiting for the second vidya, well keep waiting :(