Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The one with Fiddy!

I've been impressed with his gaff (his house, for those of you reading outside of Cork) and now Im impressed with his on stage antics! Paris "I work very hard now considering Grandpa aint giving me shit" Hilton decided to hop up on stage and get her groove on. Below is the video of what happened, compliments of youtube. As many know, Im not a Paris Hilton fan. I cant stand the fake "socilite" bullshit. And no I wouldnt let her into me bedroom either. Well unless she was going to change the sheets and do a quick hoover under the bed. But knowing Paris, she probably thinks hoover is something she's supposed to do with her mouth. If you ask me, she cant seem to do that right either. Those of you who are wise internet perverts will know what I'm on about.

The one with Alledged News!

A new regular feature to the show....


The Britney Spears saga has taken a unique turn according to an insider. The pop diva has, through a family member, purchased 6 highly trained chimpanzees to help with the house work. The 6, 3 year old chimps are have begun work on cleaning up Britney’s palatial home. Ms Spears bedroom has already being redecorated in banana yellow and the chimps have already drawn up plans to add a third story to the large mansion. At a cost of $4999.99 each, these interior design helper monkeys don’t come cheap. Already demands are being handed in to Britney. The chimps are refusing to work after 6pm and will under no circumstances start work before 11am. Allegedly!

Inside sources say Justin Timberlake’s nickname of Justin Trousersnake may not be too far from the truth. On a recent flight, Justin and his entourage were stopped by custom officials. 3 of the entourage, including Justin were taken to a private area and were asked to strip down to their underwear one by one. When Justin stripped down to his boxers, panic ensued as custom officers reached for their weapons as a 4 foot reticulated python fell out off Justin’s jocks. Allegedly!

The monster from Cloverfield, or at least the monster who played the monster in Cloverfield has just received news that it is to get its own talkshow. A cross between the Tyra Banks show and Jerry Springer, the as of yet to named talk show promises to be the most controversial piece of television since Janet Jackson showed off the breasts at the Superbowl. The first episode, entitled “My sister married my midget brother” will air on tv screen’s in May of this year. People can look forward to a fast paced talk show and at the end of each show; the Cloverfield monster is going to eat one of the guests. The guest to be eaten will be voted on by the audience. Allegedly