Tuesday, May 24, 2005



Finally a use for my shitty camera phone. Just found flickr.com and it allows you to post photos from your phone directly to your blog. Thanks to silentbobspeaks.com for the inspiration. Heres one of the hobbit, just for a test. God only knows what will appear here. Ill try and get a photo up here every day. Arent you all so lucky.

The quality from my camera fone is shit as far as Im concerned. The missus phone does it far better. Im a huge fan of Sony products but their phones just aint great. Why did I ever change from a Nokia!
Where people get "it" on never suprises me. Given the list of places people, as some said last night, got their freak on its no wonder Stan Collymore was caught in the act. Just a bit of harmless fun and a good text topic to boot. No doubt someone somewhere got offended, I guess Ill find out later.

Im a bit later than usual today, too much clowning around on the net took up more time than I expected. Just being going through a little bit of TV on the Sky + since last night. Ive been totally addicted to American Chopper for the last 2 years with no sign of it ever stopping. Between that and the mexican flavoured pot noodles life couldnt be better. My old film days are calling to me again, come to think of it theyve never stopped calling me. Im contemplating doing a little short for some of the festivals later on in the year. I guess I need something to get me through the weekends, even after all the takeaways and booze.

The fish are on day 3 and all seem to be well, granted I convinced one of them is on its last legs. Maybe that should be fins. The hobbit is in bed, our bed at that too. Hes been there all morning and theres no sign of him moving his hairy hole. Although he did venture outside to drain himself against the shed (again). Sometimes I wonder why he hasnt got an external bladder tied on behind him as he pisses like a herd of camels. It could be worse I suppose, dont ask me how it could be.

I got my letter about my alleged speeding today, so €80 and 2 points are in the offing. Cant wait. I spend so much time on the show talking about penalty points and like a clown I was caught, granted a few kilometers over the limit but thats no excuse. A mate of mine is contesting his but at this stage Ill just pay the fine. I havent went 1 k over the speed limit since I was stopped. So it does work.