Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The one with bits from the Midweek Movie Bit

Observe and Report – Opens in Cork April 24th (Lots of 7’s out of 10 in the states) (previews from today)

State of Play – Opens in Cork April 24th  (Lots of 8 out of 10s in the States) (previews from today)

More than a game – Should keep the sports AND film / doc fans happy

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood – Hmmmmmmm another Robin Hood movie??? Either way its Crowe with the Gladiator haircut!!!


Star Trek – Let it be said, I’m not a ST fan in any capacity, but this has got me excited!

Pixar’s new short, Partly Cloudy! According to AICN, its all about where storks get babies from :)