Monday, May 23, 2005

Back to the stone that grinds. Ive been up a few hours and after an injection of coffee, things dont seem to bad. Im still suffering the little bit of block when it comes to the monologues and celeb surveys, but Im sure it will pass.

A month on and Im still waiting for a particular supermarket to refund our Laser card. Yet another phone call this morning proved a bit more promising. Only time will tell, and if it doesnt my bad ass stick weilding legal team will be getting medievil on some holes.

The aquarium, feck tank (aquarium sounds like Im charging to get it in, and we have this underwater tunnell with a great white chewing on the glass) is doing fine. All 6 fish have survived since the weekend and are eating and doing what fish do. Im looking forward to filling it up with more fish, but a week or 2 will have to go by before then.

I sat down to watch Chasing Amy last night as for some reason, I convinced myself I never ever saw it before. Of course I did, but we left it on none the less. Great ol movie. Kevin Smith could well be Jesus reincarnated. Cmon, hes got the beard and a kind of modern Jesus style hair do. After a few glasses of Tia Maria, twas time for bed but of course the lure of the PC took me away from that. 2 hours and a load of porn later Im in bed going through my twisting and turning.

Im feel the need now for more twisting and turning, looks like the Sunday dinner is looking to depart!