Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The one with bums being pinched

By all accounts, arse grabbing, buttock bashing or whatever you want to call it is alive and very popular in Cork. It seems to be the staple diet of a tribe of lads on a night out. "Yeah, gwan whooser, yer wan over there. Leave a mark whoosey, gwan biy." While on the other side of the gender coin, the ladies seem to be doing plenty of ball bruising and testicular tickles themselves.

My baby producing factory (note factory, not little workshop) has been grabbed on a night out by a random stranger on at least one occasion, and if memory serves me correctly, they werent giving out free medical checkups at the time.

Quite a number of listeners seem to think its a sign that someone is interested. Maybe it is a bit of harmless fun. Given the amount of single blokes out there, Id imagine theres not too many would complain when a random female stranger cops a feel of their lower fruit bags. Theres an oul cliche out there, that we are a backwards nation. Maybe this arse pinching is a bit backwards. In the times of fellas being chased around by Saber Tooth Tigers, they'd give some oul doll they fancied a belt of a stick over the head. Apparently, this implied that it was time to increase the population. So maybe this arse pinching is men going back to their tribal roots. Granted, sticks seem to have been replaced by glass bottles.