Thursday, April 20, 2006

By now Im sure Tom Cruise has eaten some placenta. Whether or not he finished the thing is anyones guess! Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ sauce or just straight down the hatch, who knows..but obviously lots of people care! Ill be honest I say I know absolutely nothing about eating placentas! Im not sure if they need to be boiled, roasted or just ate straight off the baby and to be honest I have little, actually make that zero interest in eating a placenta. Will this start a new hollywood craze? I ask myself and some of you asked the same question last night on the show. Just briefly, lets take a look at some of the Hollywood crazes that have influenced us lot over here, across the pond.

Take Paris Hilton and her dog. You cant walk down Pana these days without some young one prancing down the road with a Guineys handbag complete with a Jack Russell squashed in between the change pouch and a naggan! Next we will have monkeys, squashed into the Guineys bag! Why? Well the dog got boring for Paris, so she bought a monkey which attempted to scratch her face off like a winning streak scratch card! Of course, we like to keep up with hollywood. We could blame Denis Rodman for bleached hair and tatoos. We could blame Arnold Schwarzenegger for people wanting to politicians. We could blame Michael Jackson for the priests, although its more likely we could blame them for Michael Jackson. The list is endless. Think of it this way, if your ever inside Square Deal, Ideal Living, New Furniture Centre or any of the countless furniture shops in Cork and you see some guy bouncing up and down on a sofa, you can blame Tom Cruise for that one! Maybe Oprah is entitled to some of that blame, but it lies mainly at Toms feet. Going back to the Placenta craze, Im sure some of the Hollywood crew will take up on it and start knocking back Evians and Placentas like no tomorrow. Maybe the famous Ivy restaurant will start some Placenta dishes! Deep fried Placenta, Sweet n Sour Placenta and maybe even Bacon and Placenta.

To be brutally honest, I was fairly pissed off by the end of the show last night! The amount of young people who rang up saying it was so easy to get drink and how they're locked all the time was frightening! Why do they do it, week in week out? For a laugh was the response! Some of their parents were well aware of the fact that they were out getting bolloxed! There should be some awards handed out to those parents! For years now we've been talking about underage drinking on the show, on and off. Each time I learn something new. One FF Councillor last night proposed a clamp down around off licences. Thats not going to work! Nothing for kids to do? Thats shit as well! Theres plenty for em to do, but most of dont want to try something new. Theres been plenty of exceptions on the positive side of things too though! Some callers have set up their own youth club, and others havent been tempted at all. One texter said I was the exception to the rule, because I was born grown up. A stupid comment. I wasnt born grown up! But Ive 30 years on the planet, and Ive seen some crazy shit over the years (as have alot of people). But if kids want to go out and get hammered and end up getting robbed, abused or raped because they were so out of it, thats there problem. Its not my dick thats gonna fall off from some drunken STI ridden romp, or I wont be ending up with a pregnant teenager oul doll. Maybe a bit more education is needed, as in proper education from people who experienced stuff. Not some government official going "Well I think the kids need this" and they dont have a clue! I know theres tonnes of great teenagers out there, hell lots of em are regular listeners and callers to the show, but is so frustrating hearing some of the calls last night, and society and the country we live in are half to blame. This underage drinking thing didnt suddenly spring up last week. Since Ive been presenting the show, 3 years this month, I have seen or heard nothing positive about tackling underage drinking. Well maybe I have, but has it hell it hasnt!