Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally a few moments to blog! Where do I begin, well my Xbox360 decided to die the other day, must say Im not impressed at all. Tried all the cures around the net, but none work. So Im without that, and if truth be told, Ill always squeeze in a round of something on it at least a few times a week. Im looking at 10 days at least for it to be fixed, but there may be another solution...we'll see what happens!!!!

Ive always been a motorsport fan and the whole mod car scene has always caught my eye. Its only recently I bought a decent car, and have the car buzz more than ever. Last Saturday, herself was gone off to Ennis and I had a whole day and night to scratch me arse. Through the wonderful people at A&E up the country, I swung 2 tickets and packed a buddy into the car and headed off for Slam 06, in Punchestown. Bar the AA route planner advising to exit at Junction 7 on the M7, which didnt exist, either that or Im blind all went well and I got to that famous racecourse after about 3 hours of driving! It was the first time I was at a show like this, so I dont know how good or bad it was, as I have nothing to compare it against! Whatever the case I really enjoyed it, plenty of good looking cars and the chance to rub myself off a Hummer and a few Ferrari's. The latest round of the ProDrift IRL was going on as well. I never saw drifting in my life, and I know there were an awful lot of listeners talking about it in the past. It totally blew me away, and I have to say Im now addicted. Roll on the next rounds!!! No scobes or their mobiles, a few half naked women and decent chips, what more could I have asked for!

Thats about my lot for now, Ive been extremely busy organising my entires for the PPI Radio awards, which is one of the main reasons Ive not been blogging away. Anyways, this is my stand in producer, Don

Update coming later on.....