Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The one with Post number 1000

Well it finally arrived. Sure, the last few posts may have been shite to fill up the post count....or were they???? Hmmmmm

Little did I think in November 2004 that I'd hit the Publish Post button over 100 times, let alone a 1000.

And yes, this was a big anti climax :)  These kinds of things never live up to the hype.

Not so long ago, nerds and geeks had waited 21 lifetimes for Star Wars Episode I. When it arrived, some died from the excitement, some got erections and promptly lost them when Jar Jar Binks turned up. It didn't completely live up to the hype.

Not too far from where I currently reside the Titanic thundered off on its maiden voyage and promptly drove into an iceberg and sank. James Cameron made a movie about it. And a successfull movie it was too. People flocked in their millions to see it, and when the boat tried to do its best Ice Breaker impression people just went "Meh, twas grand but what about Kate Winslets tits?" Again, it didn't live up to the hype.

My movie of 2008, The Dark Knight didn't live up to the hype either. As amazing as it was, people got themselves into a foaming tizzy about the whole thing, myself included. As I mentioned back along on TDK review, even if Jesus had turned up in a Batmobile it still wouldn't have been enough to live up to the hype.

Ya see, the mind is a wonderful thing. In my own feeble one, right now, I think that blog post 1000 wont live up to the hype. And of course it wont. Its a fuckin' blog post. Wheres the hype in that. Granted Ive built it up and as usual nothing lives up to the hype, because we build the thing up too much. But the most important thing for me, as the gobshite who writes this on a regular basis is YOU. Yes, YOU, the kind persons who drop by here on a regular basis and I'm genuinely happy that you are reading post number 1000. So, in the words of Andy Kaufman

"Tenk you veddy much"

The one before the big one

Y'all ready for the big anti climax. This is post 999. Who'd have thunk it? Yeah, I know. Nobody. Anyway, the big 1000 is on the way.

The one with the music mashup of 2008

DJ Earworm with some quality mashing

The one with the best Viral Videos of 2008

I love Neatorama, its a great site but I dont know do I agree with the number 1. Anyway, take a nose of some of the best viral vids of 2008. Heres the link over at ABC or scroll down....

The one with the Jib Jab review of 2008

The Jib jabs biys are back again! Wonderful as always!

The one with a few to go

I reckon Ill make it to 1000 posts before 9pm this evening. Yesterday and so far this morning was spent looking after the nephew. Which was fun especially considering I didnt change any nappies. I never realised there was so much to take in when looking after a smallie. Granted he fell asleep for Phil Taylor's match in the Darts and pretty much most of the day and night.

Besides all that, the house is like one of those accidental bomb drops.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The one with who knows what

Well, there had to be a token nothing post.....and here it is! Enjoy it for all its worth

The one with an Xbox in a briefcase

One of the coolest things you'll see, but it does pose the question about how much time one has on their hands and how often they see boobs

The one with the whole year in 40 seconds

So the pressure is on to make 1000 posts by the end of 2008! Normally, this would be an opportunity to fill the place up with shit. But no, Im not going to do that. Instead, it'll be interesting shit.

The one with the holidays so far

Well I have a few posts to go until I hit 1000 posts on the blog. Will it happen by 2009? Tune in by Thursday to find out. Its been a pretty good Xmas so far and since Jan 27th Ive actually been officially on holidays and am trying to take it easy. 

I ended up travelling around on Xmas morning as per usual and didn't get back till 1 so the fuckin Xmas dinner didn't hit the table till nearly 4pm. Then half way through the dinner, she who must be obeyed came to the conclusion that we had forgotten the sprouts. Well, at that point it was too late. Anyway, fuck the sprouts! I then realised that the roast potatoes that were cooked beautifully in about 5 litres of goose fat were still in the oven. So upon inspection they had turned into something that was so hard, it would have taken Superman to get through them. But, we managed to eat 2 of em. So besides the sprouts and the molten roast spuds we had a pretty savage dinner. 

The rest of the day was spent flicking around the tv and watching absolutely nothing. Im sure we must have spent about 4 hours watching ad breaks. Then it was time for the annual brown sauce party and I detest Chef sauces. I'm a Heinz whore all the way but with all their 57,000 varieties or whatever they have, Heinz to the best of my knowledge (and I go through a large bottle of Heinz ketchup a week) don't make brown sauce. So I was left with no choice other than the Chef brown sauce, which goes amazingly well with turkey sandwiches. And that's got nothing to do with what was drank throughout the day. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered the Dark Knight on Blu-ray with the idea that this would be our Xmas night movie. Well, that plan went to shit after we conked out on the chair around 10. I was giggin on the 26th so the 27th we managed about half of it before I got the nods. Now speaking of the 27th. Dear Jesus above.......

I got home from Club Light close to 4. Got to bed close to 5. Got back up close to 630am. And headed off with Ger to Mahon point for some bargains. The queue in Next looked like something out of a war torn country, except people weren't waiting for food or supplies.  Queues and queues of many ignorant people, went around the shop like a 700 foot python.  After picking a few bits up, I decided to leave my "bargains" behind and ditch the queue. Ger stayed in it, but after 40 minutes and numerous negotiations with me on the phone she also ditched. And of course, the place was full of gobshites all pullin and draggin whatever they could. Then, a huge surge of people made for Debenhams. It wasn't as mad as Next but (and in the unique Cork way) alot of their Sale stuff wasn't yet on the shelves for the hungry punters. You'd swear we hadn't seen a shop in 400 years. Either way, I got a few bits, but am bringing them all back! And to top it off, we had the worst toasted cheese and ham sandwich in that muffin place. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to make one of the most simplest things on the planet. 

Anyway, the rest of the whole thing is a blur at the moment, and as of right now we're babysitting the nephew for the night!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The one on Xmas Day

So, your dropping by the blog on Xmas day. Fair feckin play. Have a good oul Xmas and a great New year. And most of all, thank you for listening in 2008. Please continue that for 2009 and beyond.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The one with my Greatness! List 2008

And here...we....go!


1. Dark Knight
2. Cloverfield
3. Zack and Miri make a Porno
4. Iron Man
5. Hellboy II

Honorable mention - Step Brothers

What can be said, absolutely savage film. I just wonder would Batman ask for a quarter pounder with cheese in that accent.


1. Only by the Night - Kings of Leon
2. Domino Effect - The Blizzards
3 . Go God Go - Fred

Anyone who comes up with a song title called Sex on Fire are legends in my view. Great album.


1. Gears of War 2 - Xbox 360
2. MLB 08 The Show - PS3
3. Fable II - Xbox 360
4. GTA IV - PS3

No game on any console has come close to GOW2. A stunning achievement on Xbox 360.


1. Top Gear
2. Family Guy




We all need a change, so lets see what happens when the change kicks in later in Januray 09


1. A day at El Buli - Ferran Adria

An amazing chef and an fantastic book. Granted its a big book and quite impossible to read while having a shit.

And one more...

1. This list

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The one with Too Close and Personal 2

Last night I hosted the annual Q&A. Firstly, thanks to the amazing staff @ The Pavilion for all their help and assistance, especially to Janice, Sandra and Stevie! 

As usual, not everyone turns up, but we had a great crowd who were well up for the madness. Nuala hopped on stage, welcomed everyone and introduced Dave Duff aka Christ with a K who hit the stage just after 7 with his Sex with a miner song, closely followed by the wonderful Boy Racer Song. Just after 715pm Nuala went back out, and introduced yours truly. The questions came thick and fast and Im sure some people were left wondering "Is there something wrong with me?" It was absolute madness and laughs were aplenty and talking to people afterwards, everyone seemed to get a damn good kick out of it. Not to mention the tonnes of free CDs and DVDs we lashed out and the Xbox 360 Elite that some lucky listener won (Thanks Colm and Lou). 

All kinds of questions were asked and in particular nearly 30 minutes of questions surrounding my sex life. 
I think for next year, I'll tone down on the F and C words, which were rampant throughout the night. But, as the invite said, Live and Uncensored. Either way I had a damn good time and thanks to all for coming. For those who didnt bother turning up, Shame on you! You missed a genuinely fun night. Thanks also to Eimear, Nuala and Jen for all their hard work on the night. And yes, like a gobshite, I forgot to bring the camera.

The Best and Worst list of 08 is coming tomorrow, just before Santa arrives so check back then!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The one on a Sunday

Righto, just a few updates. Gonna be on the Red Rooster in the morning. Not impressed with a 6am rise, but what the hell! It'll be a little mad!

Too Close and Personal 2 in the Pav Monday night as well! (If anyone has not recieved their invite, email me now vicbarry at gmail.com

Club Light, Mallow Tuesday night. Sleazy Santa time!!!!!!!

Then off!!!!!!! Best and Worst of the year coming Xmas Eve!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The one with the CTB Toy Show

Well, last show of the year was last night, and as per usual I went into overtime. 30 mins of over time were played last night, with a phenonemaol amount of texts, all trying to win stuff. 
The blog is currently upto around 985 posts. My goal is to hit the magic 1000 before 2009. So, for the foreseeable future the blog will not be slowing down, until the magic 1000 post. Still to come as well, is my annual Best / Worst list. So keep checking back for that :)

Anyway, what follows are some pics from the Toy Show with the wonderful people from Murphys World of Wonder.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The one with fcpromotions.ie and the last show of the year

Fiona from fc promotions was in last night with loads of unique gifts, gadgets and gizmos. Check out fcpromotions.ie and see the full range of what they've got. Loads of people were asking if they buy, will they get what they ordered in time for Xmas. According to Fiona, "YES" you will once you order by the weekend. Or you always have the option of going to Little Island to their warehouse. Anyways, we had alot of fun and heres a few pics.

The last Cork Talks Back with Victor Barry is tonight. 9pm. Do NOT miss it! A tonne of stuff happening, tonnes of giveaways including some more cool stuff from fcpromotions and of course The Cork Talks Back Toy Show with World of Wonder!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The one with the Hypnosis Vids and Pics

Had a brilliant night last night with the Xmas hypnosis session, thanks to the wonderful Paul Dee. Check the evidence down below. Big thanks as well to all who came to RedFM :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The one with the Anne Summers Adult toyshow on Cork Talks Back

Contact the ladies from Anne Summers for YOUR party on

Joan - 087 9222309
Juanita - 086 1931524

If you call between 12 and 6pm today you get entered into a draw, exclusive to RedFM listeners.

And yes, what follows, if it wasnt known already, proves I have no shame. I apologise to all. What you'll see will frighten you.