Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The one with more bacon porn!

I hear it could be more than a few days before the piggies are back on our shelves. This is a disaster! Again, I plead, go back to killing the pigs. Don't mind holding the country to ransom until you get money, just get killing the pigs. 

Back in the day, tractor loads of us died due to the lack of spuds. And more of us got on rickety boats and went to America. The same will happen again, unless the pig killin' starts up really soon. It'll be like something out of I am legend and children. Savage donkeys and badgers will roam the country, killing the remaining vegetarians. Meat eating humans will be spread around the country, in small little packs. No more than 2 or 3 deep. They'll wander the countryside and the deserted cities looking for pigs that have escaped from their abandoned abattoirs. 

Anyway, onwards with the bacon porn. Enjoy.