Saturday, October 31, 2009

The one on Halloween

Have a good Halloween! Huge fancy dress bash in Club D'ville, Charleville tonight - Doors 11pm

Friday, October 30, 2009

The one with the Kino

Public meeting re: Kino has changed venue to the Opera House tomorrow, at 2pm!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The one with a leopard in an Audi

The one with Sky on the Xbox 360

So after an initial “delay” where the boffins at Sky and Microsoft had to clock in for some over time, I finally got to check out the Sky player on the Xbox 360 last night.

So big deal I hear you whimper at your screen! And maybe you’d be right! Sure if you want to watch Sky you’ll watch it on a TV with a Sky boxed attached! But there’s something incredible about having a video games console pretend its a Sky box. Its a fantastic feat in my book. Stop playing Forza 3 and have a quick peep at Sky News. And sure why not. And the best thing is you don’t have to go changing channels as its all contained in your 360.

Then I had a bit more of an indepth nose around with the on demand services. Being a Sky Movies subscriber I get access to hundreds and hundreds of on demand movies. Which in a nutshell is similar to Sky Anytime, except this isn’t the anorexic Sky anytime. No sir, this is a morbidly obese, ready for a gastric bypass Sky anytime. I was blown away with the selection of movies, as I said hundreds and hundreds. And try the Sky sports section, truck loads of highlights and live events for you to catch up on. If only an actual Sky +HD box had this kind of capability, although I’d imagine the future for Sky will involve alot like this! And speaking of the future, its going to be streaming all the way!

Now, If I had a criticism it would be that there is no HD or Dolby Digital content on the service, which given the Zune marketplace is bursting at the seems with it, is a bit of surprise. But an educated guess would lead me to believe that HD will follow in due course!

You don’t even have to be a sky subscriber to avail of the service as you can pay for it through your 360 but if you are a sky subscriber (Movies/Sports etc) then this is all for free! Just log in with your sky user name and password!

Either way its an amazing process and couple this with the recent Twitter / Facebook /  1080p streaming Vids, you have Microsoft belting this one right out of the park! In the words of Darth, “Impressive”. I’m a huge Sony fan. I’ll always look for a Sony product over anything else but with the recent updates to the 360, the Playstation 3 is so far behind at this point, it’ll need Marty McFly in a Delorean to catch up!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The one with Pulp Fiction mash up

In the words of Darth "Impressive"

The one with Moths

I came home last night and before putting the key in the lock, I was a little mesmerised by a selection of moths attached to the wall. I began to think what the life of a moth must be like, just hanging around on a wall.image Are they waiting for some moth drugs to be delivered by the local moth drug dealer? Is there a moth equivalent of Starbucks and they’re just hanging around waiting for a little moth frappecappolattinocha? Or were the actual moths that were hanging around, actual moth hookers? Waiting for other moths to fly by and then proposition them for some dirty moth sex on my doorbell! It might explain a big ass; Daddy long legs, who was lurking in the shadows. Obviously a pimp, and why wouldn’t he be? With a name like Daddy Long legs? He’s gotta be! I’m sure he had a cane and everything! But as I said, he was lurking in the shadows and it was difficult to see!

I think I’ve hit the nail on the head with this one! As there are always other insects hanging around, obviously looking for a little inter-insect erotica and are willing to pay their hard earned cash! No doubt some of them are extra freaky insects as there were a few moths hanging around with missing wings and legs, but what ever floats ones boat.

I know what your thinking reading this, I’ve lost my mind! I suppose in hindsight, there's probably no way in hell moths would be seen dead, drinking a frappecappolattinocha!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The one on the day after the bank holiday

Not a great deal going on today to be honest. I'm playing catchup currently. Didn't see much Jazz, granted just cos you have a straw hat and something you blow into, doesn't make you a jazz musician.

So I was going to dig out a video or funny picture and have the lazy blog post thing, but as its the day after the bank holiday, I couldn't be arsed!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The one with something we all should have!

This is just brilliant!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The one with.....

It has been deemed safe for me to go back into the building! So...back on air tonight, from 9pm!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The one with the new Xbox 360 Update

I was invited to partake in a Beta for the new Xbox 360 update ahead of its full release in November and it arrived yesterday. In a tiny nutshell, the update allows you to tweet, facebook and have movie parties all over the place!

The twitter and facebook are fine and functional, particularly using a keypad. Not as fast as using a client or the web on a PC / Mac, but for those moments where you can’t be arsed moving to a laptop or desktop its ideal!

All the music games (Guitar Hero etc.) all now have dedicated stores which is great as it saves you time floundering around looking for tracks etc.etc.

Not sure about the Irish getting as there was no sign of it on my update.

So all good so far, but nothing that has melted my mind until I took on the Zune Video Marketplace. And then, my mind melted. 1080P Full HD video, STREAMING. Yeah, streaming. No longer do you have to wait for a movie to download, the shit was streaming. And streaming with no buffering, stuttering or stammering. After part of my brain oozed out of my ears, I decided to press fast forward, just for the laugh. And £%^$%^£%^£$ me, it FF at full speed. I’m not sure how the miracle workers at MS get this working, although I’d speculate its about variable bit rates. Either way, I couldn’t care less. I never, ever have rented a movie over Xbox Live, primarily because of download times and hard drive space ( I got the 20GB Old skool box) but with streaming, its something I would certainly, actually definitely do in the future! And it is the future. 5 – 10 years, this is the way we will all look at movies. That said, it all depends on your Broadband connection I would imagine, but the 360 adjusts accordingly. Spectacular win.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The one with swine flu

Right, this is gonna be short and sweet. The wife has got swine flu and as a precaution, I'm not allowed into the station for the next few nights just in case I'm packing the Bacon flu.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The one thats impressive

Thats impressive....That is all!

The one with the weekend inc. a Rant

The weekends go by way too quick, as I’m sure many will agree. I was still playing catch-up after introducing Kevin Smith in Vicar Street Wednesday night, so Friday morning was spent with my eyes closed. Friday evening was spent with the wife,  my parents and a dinner. Following that, I dug out the old HD-DVD player for the 360 and hooked up Clerks 2, which the wife had never seen.

Saturday morning was spent again, exercising my eye closing techniques and Saturday night I was in Club D’Ville. Then yesterday, we went shopping. And this is where the rant starts. I’ve worked in retail back in the day and I know it can be tough to keep the smiles rolling and so on. But the least you can do is put the item into a fucking bag. Yes! A bag! I don’t give a shit about how bad a day you had. Or how hung-over you are from the night before. Or how the girl you convinced to take off your jocks was completely and utterly repulsed by what she saw and like a Sunday World reporter, made her excuses and left. All I know is; that by me making a purchase in the shop where you work, it helps the accountants smile from time to time. And the more people spend, in the shop where YOU work, the longer your fat ass will be in a job! If you don’t like working there, then don’t bother. You wouldn’t be missed!!! Either way I decided to buy an item yesterday in a shop and the ignorant shit behind the counter didn’t even acknowledge there was somebody in front of him. Obviously still upset at the fact that he was left there with his little winky in his hand from the night before. To be fair though, he did manage to tell me how much I owed, in a Shrek style manner of course. As I was handing over the cash, he eventually put a folded paper bag on top of the item, as to imply I should put it in the bag. No thanks, no nothing. I took my time unfolding the bag etc.etc. and eventually rambled away. It wasn’t just me, all the people in front got the same treatment.

I can only imagine what kind of shallow life you lead! No doubt your bedroom, in Mammy's house is littered with socks all which have a strange toast like texture. You’ll forever be the ignorant pig behind the counter, because you lack a little common courtesy and manners. Hopefully, the people that pay your wages will finally wise up and give you a nice little pink slip and send you on your way, you fuckin Ogre! Then you can go Instant Message the American chick who you sent a completely different picture of yourself to, all about it EVERY LITTLE HELPS MY ASS!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The one with Kevin Smith part 2 - The main update!

Long haul day yesterday! I had bought tickets for Kevin Smith’s first ever Irish Q&A a while back, just before it sold out. Little did I know I’d be introducing him. That came about when he asked me was I going to the gig during an interview last week, to which the conversation continued with Kev asking me to intro him as he’s been coming on the show for so long!

IMG_4417 (Large)

The wife got home from work early and we hit the road around 1:40pm. All was straight forward until we got to the shithole that is Abbeyleix. Well maybe shithole is too strong a word, but the traffic was just unbelievable. And speaking of traffic, we took about 50 minutes to drive a distance of 5 minutes, in Dublin rush hour. Bonkers (In a Dizze Rascal way too). Between the jigs and reels we got into the worlds narrowest car park for around 530pm and after a 58 point turn managed to get into a space. Then I had to ring Kevin and on the first attempt no joy as I got the “Out of coverage” (here we go says I) and then on the second one he answered and we sorted out the details which basically I had to ask for a dude in Vicar Street. So after a bout of food we met up with Roar (who was also going) and rocked on to the venue. The nice blokes at the door had no idea who I was looking for and the box office folks were a little bit unsure, but then Carl (The legend) sorted us out and brought us to a green room of sorts.

IMG_4418 (Large)

I then get my Access all Areas badge and Kev turns up with his beautiful wife Jen. A small bit of chit chat before hand and I’m on the stage stairs at Vicar Street, with it undecided whether I’m going on stage or just using an offstage mic. Kevin confirms me going on stage and then another few minutes are spent hanging by the curtain until I’m told “GO”. Kevin shakes my hand says something I can’t remember and tells me we’ll hug when he comes on. So I go do the spiel we hug and I eventually make my way back to the wife at our table and Kevin Smith absolutely blows the roof right off Vicar Street.

We got to hang out afterwards with the legend himself for a bit and then we hit the road, getting home just after 3am!

Anyways, the important parts….

  IMG_4424 (Large) IMG_4429 (Large) IMG_4430 (Large) IMG_4441 (Small)IMG_4447 (Large) IMG_4469 (Large) IMG_4481 (Large) IMG_4483 (Large) IMG_4495 (Large) IMG_4499 (Large) IMG_4503 (Large) IMG_4504 (Large) IMG_4505 (Large)


The one with Kevin Smith at Vicar Street Part 1

Right, incredibly long day down. Home about 35 mins. Had an absolute blast introducing Kevin Smith at Vicar Street! Tonnes of photos and the intro video as well. But for now, my bed is screaming at me so this will have to do...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The one with the best slow motion video you'll see today

Apparently its a million frames a second. I'm sure its a great achievment, but to hell with that. Lets get with the bullets and slo-mo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The one with, actually I'm not sure what this one has

Damn, its late in the afternoon. This day has disappeared and any hope of a half decent blog post is fast disappearing, but there is a little something to put a potential, big dopey smile on yer face!

Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging Wildfire

Monday, October 12, 2009

The one with the dogs

I don’t know how many of you have dogs, and to be honest I won’t be losing any sleep about it either. But for those of you that have…

We have 2 Yorkies. And they’re definitely bi-sexual at the very least. Not that it bothers me or anything, but to be honest (and you may not want to be eating when you read on) if I want to see 2 dogs eating one another’s ass then I’ll go off and look for it online. But as  I don’t its a bit rude on the dogs part. Now that said, they can be subtle at times. Take last Saturday evening. The wife went out and I hung out in the bedroom watching Christ knows what, before I headed off to the Club. As soon as the dogs realised “Hey, there’s nobody downstairs, we can have a fuckfest” off they thundered down the stairs. Usain Bolt wouldn’t have got down the stairs any faster.

I’m not entirely sure what goes on. At times there is lots of howling. Other times there is silence. So after a while I called them back up to the love room and one (the older one) was all out of breath and the other was just chilled, making it quite obvious who was the bitch. That said, I still believe they don’t get it one with each other. Its more of a scenario where the older one gets his groove on with a blanket, folds up just right and goes at it like a hungry Mike Tyson. The younger one then just stands by, whoopin’ and hollarin’.

If you thought that's bad, then there's the constant rim jobs that are happening. And both are guilty of that. The blanket banging goes in a more private setting, while the rim jobs just happen any time, any place. And they cause the dog’s teeth to start chattering like its 40 below freezing. Bizarre and crazy shit!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009

The one with the Zombieland review

Right, so yet another Zombie movie. Zombie movies are after experiencing a bit of a comeback over the last few years, but none of them are anything like this. Many zombie movies have gore, many have some humour, many have action but not many combine them all into one big pile of awesome!

Read the rest of the review here

The one with the Up Review

Pixar have raised the bar every time they release a movie, in story telling, in style, in visuals. You name it they’ve raised the bar for it. So how much higher can the bar be raised. Well Up, is raising the bar very, very high indeed….with no balloons attached either.

Read the rest of the review here

And dont forget my Up special this Sunday night with the director, Pete Docter.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The one on Sunday

Absolutely brilliant day today!!! Anyways...

Writer, Director Actor and legend that is Kevin Smith returns to the Late Night Interview this Sunday talking about his new book amongst other things, including asking yours truly to introduce him at his gig in Vicar Street!

And also check out my Up special with its director and all round Pixar Big Wig Pete Docter.

And of course Get it Off your chest and Book @ Bedtime to boot!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

The one with Hogan in studio

Mark from Hogan came in last night for the Late Night Interview....

Hogan Twitter
Hogan Myspace
Hogan Bebo

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The one with 2012

Awesome Video - Check it out by clicking here

Thursday, October 01, 2009