Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fantasic Sore

Went off to see a Late show of The Fantastic Four last night. Being one of the oldest Marvel franchises, I was expecting something decent. The cast were ok, but god almighty who wrote this. It was absolutely shocking. There are 2 set pieces, the bridge scene and at the end. The rest of it is spent with the four moaning about why they're like the way they are and trying to reverse the process.

The special effects at times leave alot to be desired at times. Check the space scenes, in particular where the shuttle is docking. I was doing that kinda thing back in my Lightwave 3D days. Although....The Thing; does look quite good, and thats prostetics. When you look at Spiderman, Hellboy, Sin City, Batman Begins and even the Hulk (to a lesser extent) you ask yourself "How did they release this thing?".

Im sorry, Id love to say this is worth your while, but its not. Even the most ardent Fantastic Four fans will be disappointed at this! At least me drink was cold and my ice cream was frozen


Other than that, Im going to be a Daddy.......................
...........................................................kinda of. One of my catfish have been doing some baby making things and has laid eggs. Chances are they wont survive, but we'll wait and see. I picked up a copy of Hostage yesterday and looking at the weather today, its going to be a movie day. Dont forget if theres any of you going to the Red FM screening in Mahon Point on the 27th, Im going to be introducing it.

We're going to be minding the in laws dog again this weekend, so that should be a bag of cats...........
Right, Im off for an oul bit of Pezo pan and some more pointless surfing!!!!