Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thanks for the comments and feedback by the way. Isnt sarcasim great. Im up fairly early this morning for some reason. I cook breakfast and watch a bit of Conan O Brien that Ive Sky +d from last night. 2 sausages later Im back up stairs and into the thing that resembles a little bedroom...hang on, that should be office. Its just now that I finish writing for the show tonight. Still 1 or 2 things to do, but its looking good. Well Im hardly going to say its looking shit now am I.

Harry Potter and whatever book is it now, is still amazing me. Nobody could convince me to buy the book on the way home last night. With all the hype I feel like Im missing something. But I need convincing, and that might happen later on. I seriously doubt it though. Im just after spotting a wee drop of ketchup on the t-shirt that just came off the line yesterday. Christ life is difficult. Sometimes I wonder should I be wearing a bib. Then they'll be a nappy. Id better quit while Im ahead here!