Thursday, July 24, 2008

The one with my Dark Knight take!

Just back from seeing the Dark Knight and, yes it does live up to the hype. Ledger is amazing as the Joker, but as Ive said on here and on air, it is extremely difficult to determine that the Joker is played by an actor. For all its worth, its just some Gotham city nut job that they found in a cage somewhere. Heath Ledgers performance is that convincing. And as previously mentioned, I dont think I can recall an actor being so consumed by a role. Does it warrant an Oscar, damn right it does! I tried to see Heath Ledger in this movie, but for the life of me I couldnt! Its all Joker!!!!!! He has knocked Jack Nicholsons performance of the Joker into a week so far away, they'd need the Millenium Falcon to find it!

Im not going into the plot to a great degree, but basically Joker wants to kill Batman and find out who the man behind the mask is. And of course, it involves the mob and their life savings. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, and the 152 minute movie rockets along like the Batpod.

The whole thing looks amazing. Dark and gritty, the way Gotham should be. The acting is top notch. The wonderful "fuck me thats an actual truck they flipped" action sequences are stunning. Mix in a superb score from Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard and Christopher Nolan put together a helluva fuckin movie!!!!! Finally a superhero / comic book flick that doesnt stop off at the deli and pile on the cheese. This movie is dark, violent and brutal. The way it should be!

If I had to be critical of the the Dark Knight, I'd criticise myself. Over the last few days , I got completely and utterly sucked into the hype machine. I went into the cinema expecting the second coming of christ. But, Jesus didnt tear through the screen on a Jesus Bat Pod, unfortunately. So with all the hype swilling around in my mind, I was looking at the movie through a hazey gaze. And I felt at times, parts were not registering in my mind, I was that caught up in the hype. And Im finding it very hard to put into words what an amazing piece of work this is.

Let me put it like this. When you reach a certain age, all you want to do is have sex. You wait for years and eventually you get on top of someone. The first time isnt really mind blowing, but it feels good. From then on, each time you get your pants off, the sex gets better every time you do it. And to me thats what The Dark Knight is. Because there is so much to absorb in this mindblowing piece of cinema, it gets better every time you see it. It is the cinematic event of the year, and one that will remain in your mind for quite some time. For me, my pants is already taken off for tomorrow night!


The one where I got the blog back

Yesterday was a bonkers day on the blog, as Im sure you'll agree. Either way, its all back to normal now. I couldnt get access to the blog at all yesterday. Really feckin annoying. With the exception of the graphics, which have to stay the way they are for the next week. And the icing on the cake, this following email arrived in the inbox this morning.

Re: YoUr LiTTlE BlOg

ItS AlLs YoURs ViCkY BoY. YoU ArE AlWaYs On aBouT AsSeS bEiNg PuLlEd oUT PeOplES CHEStS. WelL, lEave ThIngS ThE WaY THEy ArE fOr the WeEk aNd You WOnT FinD ouT HoW an ASs RiPPEd ThrOuGH YoUR CHESt FeeLS lIKe.


Other than that, its all back to normal. My take on the Dark Knight will be up here around 5ish today. I cannot wait to see this flick. Im so excited, Im going to the cinema without no pants on! It'll save me doing it during the flick :)