Monday, November 28, 2005

Here we go again

I need a good dose of epsom salts to keep this blog regular. Truth be told, Im getting lazy in me ould age and Im really busy with the show to boot! The countdown begins for the Xbox 360. I have one preordered for quite some time now, but I have been told I may not get it on the release date (Friday). This will annoy seven bells of shit outta me, considering I was told "€20 deposit guarantees your console". Well all Ill say is we'll have a "special" Xbox 360 show next week if I dont get it.

Got to see Mr and Mrs Smith over the weekend. While its not great, its not shite either. 5 / 10

The decision on a Xmas tree has been made, thankfully. After much roaring and shouting we're going to buy a decent artificial one. At least it wont stink the house up and fall apart, well not until it has to be squeezed into that attic. Thats it for now, me brain is bothered (more than usual) so I wont hold ye up any more.

Xmas lights on the show tonight!