Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long weekend is nearly over

6 hours till Monday and I gotta say Ive had a nice few days off! Friday night I headed out for Jazzy Jeff at the Savoy. I was planning on driving in and driving home, but a mate kept pestering to make it a "proper" night out, so I got the train in! I used to DJ for years and watching Jazzy Jeff was inspiring to say the least! The place went absoultely bonkers when the man came on, after the legend that is Stevie G! From The Police to Kanye West, The Savoy didnt stop bangin!!!!!! Seeing the guy perform brought a big dopey grin to my face, maybe twas the drink but Jazzy Jeff was one of the best nights / gigs Ive ever been at! I took some really shitty video with my cam phone and a few crappy pics to boot. Stevies blog (link at the side) has some savage pics!

Anyways, thats it. Im off to enjoy whats left Ive my night off. Normal service resumed tomorrow and back on the air tomorrow night @ 9pm!