Thursday, November 18, 2004

Morning all, afternoon even. 5am I crawled into bed this morning, too much late night TV. Sometimes it can be difficult to wind down after the show, some nights more than others. Simply due to an ol adrenaline buzz, and your ability to watch absoulte shite on the tv is certainly an impressive feat. Still no broadband, just as well as Ill get even less sleep then.

Colin Devlin (from the Devlins) was on the show last night among others and I have to say that their song for Bulmers is etched into my brain like a bust etch a sketch. Declan O Rourke was also in and around the station last night, he was on the show last week. Seriously talented guy and a sound bloke as well.

My cold still hasnt cleared up, it seems to be getting better but its very annoying. Whatever about the dribbling snot its the lack of taste I cant stand. In a bizarre turn of events in my web surfing I came across a calendar thats out in 2005. I think the pic says its all

Late N Live Top 5 signs your playing to many video games (17/11/04)

5 – You have a selection of fake IDS to buy the over 18s titles

4 – Your excuse for swallowing pills is “Pacman does it”

3 – You’ve got permanent joypad rash

2 – Everytime you fight or crash the car you check to see how many lives you’ve got left

1 – You’ve robbed a copy of the new Grand Theft Auto game

Anyways Halo2 is calling me. Laters