Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Got my photoblog up and running. Posts will be from time to time!
Some may be frightened, some may be shocked and some might even be aroused! Either way I didnt get to Coopers going away do until nearly 12.45 - When myself and Dave Mac arrived the parteeee was in full swing. It must be said that someone in the group had serious bowel problems, because they flatulation was just plain fucked up. In this individuals colon, something, maybe a small rat or wren had died months previous. Every 15-20 minutes the person in question would let one rip. I felt like in was Vietnam, or one of the World Wars where grenades were being thrown into the trenches and fellas were running for their lives. The only problem last night was there no was no one to yell "INCOMING".

I grabbed a few vids and pics, keep in mind that camera phones just do not work well late at night!

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If the video does not display properly
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At times Im sure people on Oliver Plunkett St. thought some of the Brazilian fans got lost on the way to Germany! Even though its dark, the vid with the person playing the violin is actually Eimear from CTB, not that shes part of the band or anything..maybe she was but either way we were all well impressed. Twas the best bit of fiddling Ive seen a woman do in quite some time.

No idea whats wrong with Dave Mac in this one, not sure where Coopers other hand is

Cooper, Colm and yours truly.

Gemma and Clare - I wont say anything smart(ish) on this one

This looks like its from the FBIs most wanted list

That is all for now!