Monday, July 18, 2005

No doubt some of you will have spotted some of the pics going up here last night and noticed we were running a best of. Herself is a big Christy Moore fan so part of her birthday pressie were tickets. Off we went and theres the pics. I wasnt a fan of the man at all to be perfectly honest and I probably still wont be running out and buying all his albums...but fuck it...I really enjoyed the gig last night. Although sometimes I wonder when people, Cork people especially, are told not to something, they go ahead and do it anyway. Clapping reference to last night! The whole Live at the Marquee seems to be a roaring success and the venue itself is stunning. Heres hoping it will be a regular occurance in Cork.

Hopefully this is the week where we roll out some new features to the show, so stay tuned. No other news going on really. Im at the very, very early stages of doing a Cork Talks The Blues Brothers (working title) special for August. Watch this space, thats all I can say. I should hopefully have some more news on this before the end of the week. We hit the beach on Saturday evening for a little bit of a paddle. I was amazed at how warm the water was, even so late in the evening, and nothing beats the felling of dry sand scraping off bits of skin.

Anyways thats it for now. If you listen to the show or read this thing, by all means leave me some feedback. I was going to reopen the forum, but I think it could be pointless.