Monday, August 28, 2006

Another weekend rolls by and its 119 days to bloody Christmas! That probably explains why certain UK Supermarket chains have Xmas decorations up on the shelves. We've had a couple of people moaning to us about this, so it may well manifest into a topic!

Onto something else though! Thursday saw the latest JNLR figures come out, and 51% of radio listening done between 7pm & 12pm is done on RedFM, which means myself and Stevie are Number 1 at night. Basically 1 in 2 people are listening to Cork Talks Back, which is really, really, really, really fantastic!!!!

My Xbox 360 arrived in Germany early Friday morning for repair, and was back in a UPS van early that same evening. It remains to be seen if the thing will work, or just explode when its plugged in! With Madden 07, Saints Row and Dead Rising all out in the next 2 weeks, its an expensive month ahead.

After many months of waiting, my life is now complete again. I havent found the holy grail nor have I found the answer to the question, where is Paris Hiltons brain? I havent even found that fiver I lost down the back of the couch. The new season of American Chopper kicks off tonight, and all I can say is god help Sky if the Sky+ box comes back with a failed to record message!
Speaking of Sky, I had the misfortune to see Sky HD running on Friday night. Its misfortunate that I saw it running, because now its going to cost me money. Ive only recently dumped aload of Sky channels because we werent looking at them, and now the thought of getting High Def is really appealing. More channels, with a "look at the hairs in his nose" picture quality, that we'll never look at. Either way I was impressed!

Thats me lot for today, as soon as my PPI submissions have been finished, the blog shall return to the usual bitterness!!!!!

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