Friday, March 17, 2006

As Promised

A couple of photos from today. Stayed local and didnt even stick around for the parade in Cobh, too feckin cold!

Lots of people running around the place in green (not that you can tell from the photos) and if you look carefully at one of the shots, you can see the tail of Barney. Obviously alot warmer than the rest of us! Thats about it for now, hopefully you all will survive whats left of tonight, provided you havent been sent home in a cab!

On a final note, I know the blog has been on and off over the last few days. Again this is the blogger folks doing some work, so touch wood, its all A-Ok again!!!!!

Have a good one!
Late ‘N Live Top 5 things St. Patrick would say tomorrow if he were alive today (160306)

5 – Have they changed the drinking age limit to 12?

4 – What dya mean I need ID to get in

3 – In my day, it was impossible to buy a breast n a bun

2 – Look out, Snake…gotcha!

1 – Id give anything for a pint that isnt green

Have a great Paticks Weekend folks. Ill hopefully be blogging over the weekend with soem photos and the likes! Keep it real ;)

- V