Monday, February 13, 2006

Not dead yet!

Back to work last night, and again my voice was in tatters after 2 hours. This time round was probably the worst ever and by the time I got off the air, I could barely manage anything above a whisper. So after a week of suffering (!) I finally give up and go to the doctor. Im stuck in a waiting room for nearly an hour and a half. After the first 30 minutes, people are giving up so I figure Ill get in sooner rather than later by default. Then some old dear comes in and starts having a really loud conversation with the poor sod next to her. Well conversation is too mild a word. She seemed to be giving a lecture. Her "Well, Ive been to 5 funerals since January and if anyone else dies I may as well just go and stare at the graveyard" line was priceless. All she needed was a microphone. That grated on me, crying babies managled my brain and I eventually get in, get told its nasty, protect my voice and take shit loads of antibiotics. So after a quick remortgage of the house, I have my prescription, the Docs been paid and I have to stay out of work for a few days. I should hopefully be back by Sunday.

I hate taking time off from the show. I worked through a flu in January for the best part, and worked with this virus for over a week. I have no choice. If I keep going, my throat will explode or something! So thats that Im afraid!