Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The one with Jim Carrey kickin hole!

I used to cycle my hole off every Thursday night to see In Living Color on Sky! One of the reasons is below...

The one with a little history

Getting a bit nostalgic on the blog today, so here's a few of the graphics Ive used since 2004, when victorbarry.com kicked off.

This is the most recent splash page.

This is from Feb 05. Not sure how long it was used for. The faint image of me, was taken at our house warming attempting to do some Karaoke.

And the original one! 
Going back to the original site, here's a few bits.....(click to enlarge)

Then I discovered blogger and it was far easier to make stuff more streamlined. Top 5's, downloads and so on! Ahhh nostalgia!

The one with the overhaul!

The blog has finally gotten its first graphical overhaul in quite some time!
Links to the Twitter, Facebook and Bebo are now all on the main splash page here

The one with Peter Griffin vs Christian Bale

Much love to McFarlane