Wednesday, February 08, 2006

After 2 painfull days Im back to normality, almost. By the time I got home on Sunday night, my sini (!) were filling up like I dont know what. This has happened in the past and its normally gone by morning. Woke up Monday morning at 5.30 and was in agony, throat closing up, couldnt swallow and such. So I was out sick for the last 2 days, and today I feel ok, well enough to do a show I suppose. Still have trouble swallowing, but to be honest Ill go off me game if I dont go back to work. Ok getting things together for the show was a bit of an ordeal today, mainly due to that still lingering sick feeling, but its together!

Superbowl came and went, and as predicted by our Psychic, the Steelers won. 20 squids down the drain. I really thought Seattle got off to a flying start, but shit happens! Over the last 2 nights Ive realised how bad week night TV is. Granted there is 1 or 2 shows that are good, but theres an awful lot of drivel being broadcast from 7 onwards.

We're getting a gigantic response to our BT giveaway and tonight is the last night you can enter so make sure you tune in. No news on our singles night as of yet, I had planned on getting most of it together from Monday but obviously I couldnt. Anyway Im gone, as I feel Im only wandering around here talking more shit than usual!