Monday, June 16, 2008

The one with the Hulk

Friday night, we went off to see the Hulk. The Incredible Hulk, or whatever its called this time. You know the one, its got the dude from Fight Club in it! No, not Brad Pitt, the other gifted actor, Ed Norton. There was a pretty biggish queue, but that turned out to be the queue for The Happening. This Q (fed up of spelling Q) obviously had not read the reviews and heard how shite it is, allegedly! So, she who must be obeyed and I sat in a very empty screen 1 in Mahon Point.

Hulk 5 years ago, wondering how did the talcum powder explode

Christ, is Norton thin looking. Either way, he's living in a favella in Brazil (Not the richest of places as observed by Ross Kemp in Gangs) trying to find a cure for his anger problem which turns him into a big green, forklift flinging machine. But before we get to Brazil, the film opens with a decent credit sequence and a bit of a back story. Enter Tim Roth who eventually decides he needs some medicine and then decides he needs more and turns into the Abomination. Lets put it this way, if the Hulk arrived to your house to pick up your daughter you'd probably say "God he's a big chap with a weird, tropical skin condition". If the Abomination arrived you'd probably say "Fuck me", to which he probably would!

Hulk last weekend, wondering where his pee pee has gone

Anyway, in between a few set pieces which are incredibly well done, theres the usual Stan Lee reference and of course the pizza place, which is called Stanleys. Get it. S-T-A-N-L-E-E-S. Maybe that was just me. Keep your eyes peeled for Stark Industries (from the Iron Man movie) and keep your eyes closed for really poor interactions that borderline on a drunk uncle at a wedding video, between Norton and Liv Tyler. The big shit kick at the end (well what else did you expect) is great. Its tightly edited and belts along frantically. When its all said and done, the last scene with Norton is far too cheesy for me, as is the Hulk Smash scene. Besides these little gripes, its good. Is it as good as Iron Man, God no!!! I always felt this Hulk movie was going to get lost in the Summer movie mash, and I think it will. Either way, 6.5 / 10. Either way a no brainer and if you like it loud and fast, it's cheaper than a hooker. And it could be worse, you could go to see the Happening.

The one with Snoop and the the Munster email

Emer Lovett - is the lady writing a book and wanting to hear from Munster fans and their tales of following the team.

And Snoop......

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